Sharing a photo I took earlier, this was the last sunset before the government puts the entire Metro Manila under community quarantine. They refuse to call it a lockdown, because technically it isn’t one. People can still go in and out of MM, provided that they have official business here. I won’t talk about that because it has been shared hundreds or thousands of times among Facebook Messenger chatgroups, Viber, and Telegram. I won’t even talk about the details of the community quarantine. No. It’s everywhere.

I would, however, talk about what I feel about this. I am scared. It’s some fucked up shit that the world is facing. It has challenged even the most advanced nations, and yet, here we are in the middle of something that I feel we are completely not prepared for.

I’m really paranoid when it comes to my health, and the health of my family and friends. Imagine, any slight discomfort that I would feel, I’d immediately think that I might have come into contact with the virus. One doctor said that it would be the proper way of thinking with regards to Covid-19: think that you might have already been infected, so that your mindset would be that of avoiding the transmission of the virus to other people.

Well that’s fine, if ALL OTHER PEOPLE WOULD THINK THE SAME WAY. Problem is, they won’t. In as much as this government is trying to control the spread of the virus to communities outside of MM, these people also went out of their way and resorted to

1) panic buying of alcohol, masks, tissue papers, even groceries – why? Because they were afraid that everything would also be closed, and that goods wouldn’t be delivered. I don’t blame them. The guidelines weren’t there when the community quarantine was announced.

2) going home to the provinces to avoid the one month lockdown. This is where I’m confused – the government wanted to contain the virus. BUT THEY GAVE A 48HR LEEWAY!! It’s probably the survival instinct that kicker in? Staying inside the lockdown might’ve given them more chances of getting sick? BUT WHAT IF THEY’VE ALREADY BEEN INFECTED? Aren’t they bringing the virus away and spreading it to people outside of MM (and boy, did this happen). Not to mention the huge number of people in the bus stations, terminals, booking agencies, and you may include the people in Number 1 as well. So if someone had Covid-19, there’s a great possibility that this would have been transmitted already in those massive crowds.

3) SHARING FAKE NEWS AND PATRONIZING THE GOVERNMENT . It would probably be the greatest evil of all these things. Sure, they’re doing their job. Sure, they’re tired. Sure, they’re only human. But fuck it. They let China in despite the concerns raised by the people, they slashed budgets for health, and they weren’t coherent in their addresses to the nation. People were lost. But still, some of the die hard supporters had the gall to accuse the government critics as those who would just like to see the President fail.

I’m not a fan of this President, never was, and never will be. But I believe that I am a law-abiding citizen (heck, I even refuse to cross the street on a red light even if there are no vehicles around). I would follow orders if there were CLEAR GUIDELINES, something that we can all refer to and hold them accountable for. You see, we’re all at this point already.. The best thing that we can do is to help each other, help the government help us. But at the very least, they have to be Clear, they have to be reasonable.

We would follow orders, what’s a little inconvenience if it would assure us of our health and safety? I just hope that the government is sincere in acting for the people… and not for some drama.


So there. I let it all out. Writing helps.

I’m not going home for a month (or at least until the situation becomes better). I’d miss my niece, my family, the food there. I hope they’d be safe and healthy.

I’m still scared. I don’t know where I would get food if everything would close. I don’t know how to cook. I might just ask friends, or live with canned goods. I hope we won’t get the virus, that the people taking care of the sick would also be safe.

I pray that this nightmare would end soon.

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