Mini Spaces

On Sadness

The thing is, no one would be able to understand you. But you owe it to yourself to acknowledge what you feel. You may not be okay now, but it’s alright.

Life’s not perfect. And you don’t have to be.

Just breathe.

On Validation

How some people would feel the need to be better than others is beyond me. I read somewhere that sometimes, people do this to fill emotional holes that cannot be filled.

Sadly, there are people around me who exhibit this kind of attitude. I’d be honest and say that it is not easy, and I am a very patient person who likes to give people chances to redeem themselves/change. But not always. It’s exhausting.

On Work

I’m gonna know my fate later – if all these late nights of unpaid work is worth it. I have a lot of options : stay and face the challenges if the raise would be good, leave and find another job that would pay more but would be outside my comfort zone, or stay for a while but never close my doors for other opportunities. Such crossroads are not fun, but are necessary to teach us life lessons.

Truth be told, I’m almost 70% wanting to leave. I’m just waiting for more reasons to justify this decision. I’ve been here for eleven years, it has shaped my career and whatever I do from now would certainly have an impact on my future. Whether I would stay on the same path or venture into something unknown, I should consider the long term effect of this decision. I’ve said it before, it’s not easy.

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