The Emperor Had New Clothes, But You Chose to Climb the Beanstalk


The world is a scary place. People on social media have become ruthless. It’s seems like you can’t enjoy something without people telling you that it’s wrong to do so. There’s just so much negativity everywhere.

I try not to mind, but it’s hard.

I become too sensitive.

What’s weird is that it only happens online. When you’re with these people, all the negativities disappear. Probably it’s a problem of keeping the wrong people around.

I find it hard not to think about what is not being said. Maybe because I have trust issues or I am a skeptic. It’s not always easy to open up to people; there are filters that need to be maintained. You don’t know who smiles and welcomes you with open arms, but talks shit behind your back when you’re not around.

Of course I’m not perfect. I’ve practiced fake smiles to people who deserve it. It’s just that there are days when you think you trusted the wrong people. Ugh. I hate that feeling.

Too tired.

I knew it. I’m on the edge. It’s never easy.

Last night, I went home past midnight. I worked for more than 12 hours (again). Something went wrong with everyone’s emails that we had so a lot of delays. Ugh.

I want to think that I’m just waiting for the little money that would come the next couple of months, but I feel that I’m too tired to even look for another job (or even update my cv). I just want normal working hours, or a higher pay to compensate for the time that I spend in the office!

Times like this, I hope there’s someone out there to cheer me up. Ah. The agony of being single in your mid-30s.

2 thoughts on “The Emperor Had New Clothes, But You Chose to Climb the Beanstalk

  1. SGRMSE. says:

    would it be possible at all for you to switch departments? i know exactly how you feel about mustering up the strength to go through it all again—updating your cv, prepping for interviews, needing to prove yourself through a series of assessments… maybe there’s just no greener grass. nowadays, i’m more focusing on making as much as money as i possibly can and retiring early to living a life on an island or something. Lord knows.

    stay strong. i know some days it gets hard to but i’m only always a text or a call away. xx

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