I hated this year.

It taught me a lot of lessons – most of which, I did not even ask for. But that’s how life should be lived – we make mistakes, we learn from them.

Like the time I posted a photo and friends made fun of it- it taught me that unkind words can leave wounds so deep that sometimes, even time cannot heal them. So we must choose our words, and try our very best to be kind.

Or the time I fell from a boat, it taught me to be thankful for people and second chances (because I really thought I could’ve died from that). So we must treasure every moment because if things don’t align or if we make a wrong move, it could cost us (a lot).

Or the time when I thought I could do everything, so I gave a lot. It taught me that even if we are willing to help, we should also listen to what our body is saying. So we should allow ourselves to pause, rest, and be in the moment. Because when everybody can’t be there for you, you have to be there for yourself.

I still have more reasons to hate this year, but then, there were “wins” that I forget to celebrate simply because I view them as just part of what I do. These wins outweigh this year’s challenges, and for that, I am thankful.

While these words are totally unrelated to the photos, I appreciate if you took the time to read my entry for the annual essay writing competition.

Here’s hoping for a better, happier and healthier year ahead 🥂

Happy 2020!!!

#AbelsGayLife #AbelsLoveMission

@ Boracay Island

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