Earlier, I was trying to make sense of these timelines. You see, recent reunions made me question my choices in life. My friends who have chosen to make families of their own, and who have chosen to work outside of the country, earn so much that they’ve already afforded to at least buy a house, a car and raise kids…

And here I am, approaching 35, with none of these. I still commute whenever I go home late, except for the times when my brother or my father would still be awake and willing to drive and fetch me. I can’t drive, and probably won’t be willing to learn how to.

They say, we all have different timelines – that we might be able to have all these in our own time. But what if it isn’t part of my timeline? What if I’m not interested in owning such things? What if I’m already satisfied in enjoying life as it unfolds? Would it make me less of a person? Would I not be considered successful?

Can we not just say that we all have our own definitions of happiness (and success)? I travel every once in a while and the sheer enjoyment of exploring places (both new and familiar) plus the opportunities to meet people makes me happy. This is how I like my timeline to be – filled with experiences and memories. How about yours?

4 thoughts on “Timelines

  1. Baby butterflies and coffee says:

    Happiness is different for each and every individual. Having a family might be someone’s only picture of joy and travelling is for someone else. I walk everywhere every day with a three year old but I am happy. My friend hates walking so she is driving everywhere and this is her happiness, As long a our hearts smile, that is the most important

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  2. SGRMSE. says:

    you don’t have to do everything the rest of the world does. if you never want to drive, don’t. it’s more important to be happy owning your life than to try and “measure up”— you know all the stuff on the surface ain’t the whole truth anyway.

    if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone! happy new year, idol ko. i hope this year is chock-full of magic for you!!! just remember to breathe and believe.

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