Wicked Games


I don’t like being played upon.

There’s these mind games that we play with people just because we’re unsure of how they would react. I think we’re all trained to be skeptics.

So whenever I feel that there are games being played by people I trust, I take myself out of it – regardless if I’m winning or losing. That way, the opponent would think he won.

But did he?


We all pretend to be someone. We like to think we’d exude that persona that we would like others to see. But alas, such isn’t always the case.

How people see us depends on a number of things – their first impressions of us, their experiences with us, and probably their expectations of us..

And a lot of times, we end up disappointed or frustrated because we think people fail to understand us; while in reality, IT IS how they understand us…


You’ve heard the laughter, you’ve seen the smiles. But can you tell of the sadness that’s inside these eyes?

Wearing masks isn’t really bad. Sometimes, you just don’t want to be that person that people wouldn’t like to be around with. But it’s exhausting. It becomes hard to weed out people who would only be there for you when times are good.

And while telling yourself that you can be happy works for some, for others, it can only do so much. It’s like a tornado brewing inside, waiting for the perfect moment to wreak havoc in our lives.

But I also believe that it can be calmed – with the right people, and the right time. Or it cannot.

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