Wishful Thinking 10-19-19

I wish I don’t overthink.

I wish I don’t have to go on late night dinners by myself because I’ve exhausted all my energy from working too much during the day.

I wish I’d be able to just know what I want to do and go ahead and do it, without having to worry about what the future might be for me and my family.

I wish I could spend time with someone who would ask me how my day was, and would really take time to get to know me every day of his life.

I wish I could go places; and explore boundless possibilities.

I wish I could learn how to swim and be able to get rid of the fear of not knowing how to.

I wish I could meet a person who would care about me more than I care about myself.

I wish friends would be genuine and not act out of self-interest, or pity, or convenience.

I wish there’d be more time to enjoy the beauty of nature; unburdened by the things you left behind.

I wish there’d be an end to suffering, and incurable diseases.

I wish I could experience romantic love again.

I wish life would be fair.

I wish he’s not our current President and that the innocent lives that he took didn’t have to be sacrificed for his capricious delusions.

I wish to share a drink with someone who wouldn’t judge my past, my craziness and my imperfections; someone who would take time to converse and engage without having to look at his phone.

I wish it’s easy.

But it isn’t. And we have to deal with it everyday.

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