Pelickula 2019

It’s that time of the year again!!!

Unfortunately, for this year, I was only able to watch 3. I blame it to a busy work schedule and to the move from Makati Central Business District to Bonifacio Global City. When I was still in the CBD, it was super easy for me to watch a film after office hours. But given that Manila traffic is horrible, it’s no longer practical for me to go to Greenbelt for the last full shows. Also, my weekends (as usual) are already packed.

Oh well, here are the films that we watched:

It’s a heartwarming story of a father who is trying to make ends meet, while in the middle of a marital crisis and a challenging job. Curro, the father, promises to take his son into an unforgettable vacation if the latter gets straight A’s in school. Curro initially doesn’t think it would happen, but when his son makes it possible, he was forced to take him into a wild ride. What follows is a funny but heartwarming adventure that involves stealing fuel from the rich because of taxes, meeting a relative who’s so paranoid about the rising costs of electricity, helping strangers with their lives (and being helped in return). The film also shows us that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine – healing the grief of a daughter who lost his father; and bringing back the spark in a relationship that was on the verge of failing.

The surprise for the Filipino audience was the presence of three Filipino actors, plus a couple of lines delivered in Tagalog.

El Mejor Merano De Mi Vida is worth watching, it won’t be a waste of your time/money. But that’s just me. I tend to laugh and enjoy silly things.

I’d give it a 5/8.


Mi Obra Maestra tells of the friendship between art dealer Arturo and his friend, the self-obsessed artist, Renzo. I’ll be honest, I dozed off on several parts of the film (probably in the first 30 minutes) because there’s just too much talking going on. But I still understood what they wanted to show – this artist lives for art and doesn’t want people to make him do commissioned work.

You’ll be intrigued because Arturo mentioned at the beginning of the film that he was a murderer. Wanna know why? I won’t tell you. Watch it, and you’ll find out why. Or google the summary lol.

It’s nice, but I liked the first one more. A 4/8 for me.


I thought Yuli was a documentary. But it wasn’t. What do you call a movie about the life of someone, who also stars in that movie as himself? Lol.

Despite the fact that I was feeling very sick, and the movie being scheduled at 9:30 pm, I still managed to watch it without falling asleep! How could I, when it showed the beauty of men while dancing?!!

I love to dance. And it’s no secret that I love men. Put the two together and I’d definitely say yes, anytime, anywhere. Lol. It’s not Magic Mike, oh no. Not even Billy Elliott.

It’s about Carlos Acosta, the first Black Romeo of Ballet. Ah. The scenes, the choreography, the passion – AMAZING. It definitely is a must watch! A 7/8!



It’s my 3rd year watching Spanish Film with this one:

And my second with this guy:

Both are co-volunteers from

Loveyourselfph, and are also cinema aficionados!! Glad to have found friends who share the same interests!

One thought on “Pelickula 2019

  1. SGRMSE. says:

    a biopic, no? foreign films are so much fun! typically, i’m inclined to french, filipino, thai, korean and japanese films. but of late have started getting into spanish ones as well!


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