I look at you with weary eyes. I have loved you for so long, it’s no longer right.

My heart yearned for the ending. My mind grew tired of hoping.

I waited.

I wanted.

I bound myself to you.

I’ve been numbed without consolation.

The time I’ve been dreading has already come.

I no longer have many thoughts of you. I don’t hurt whenever I see you.

I realised that I’ve gotten so used to it, that I was eventually freed from the pain.

And although I looked at you in awe tonight, my eyes don’t want to gaze upon you anymore.

You’re just the moon in this day’s night sky.

Beautiful, but you’d soon be gone.


Like the outstretched leaves of the palm trees, I was always there whenever you called.

But have you ever witnessed how hard it was for me to stand in the heat and take everything in?

Sure, I was that sight, beautiful to behold.

I looked calm and collected with my perfectly practiced smiles.

I appeared strong; unbothered by the times.

I am a friend and in as much as I can, I try my very best to be one.

But I have my limits.

I have my moments. I want you to also ask me if I am ok. I want you to ask me if you can have dinner with me. I want you to ask me if I am doing fine.

I want you to not just be there when you’re in need; calling me if you’re lonely (or broke) and forgetting about me when everything is fine.

That is not how I define friendship.

Because despite the fact that I am used to being alone, I still need someone to be by my side and assure me that I am not.

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