Emma Bunton – My Happy Place


I used to believe that I was the ultimate Spice Girls fan, I even used them as a topic for one of my speeches in my Comm 3 class. But that was only until the time that they were still a group and the first time they launched their solo careers. After that, I never really followed the girls and their music anymore. I would see updates every now and then, but I think they sounded better when they were together. Individually, they were all good artists, but their songs didn’t really have that much of a recall for me.

So when Emma posted a teaser for a new album this year, I wasn’t that excited at all. As a Spice Girl fan, I felt betrayed – how can she do this, she should be gearing up for their reunion? But well… I should at least be supportive, right? That’s why I downloaded it immediately and now, here’s my (too) Honest review of My Happy Place.

  1. Baby Please Don’t Stop – Baby opens the album with this fun track. It reminds me of “What Took You So Long.” It probably is the signature Baby Spice Pop, not to dance-y but very light and chill and flirty. Keep It.
  2. I Wish I Could Have Loved You More – for some reason, this song reminds me of grandmothers. It sounds like something your grandma would sing when she’s trying to make you take an afternoon siesta. Delete It.
  3. Too Many Teardrops – I downloaded it immediately upon the release, and deleted it immediately after. I didn’t like it. But now that she released the full album, I listened for the second time and realized that it’s worth keeping, at least for a month or two. The lyrics are good.
  4. I Only Want to Be with You (feat. Will Young) – I think this is a revival? Felt like I’ve heard it before. I also don’t know who Will Young is (I had to Google), but the song was good. Keep it for a while.
  5. Don’t Call Me Baby – YES! THE SAME SONG BY MADISON AVENUE! THE GAY CLUB ANTHEM OF THE 2000s! OMG. Her version is so perfect! Something that only Baby Spice can deliver! DEFINITELY KEEPING IT!
  6. You’re All I Need to Get By (feat. Jade Jones) – I love that she did a song with her partner because this just shows that they do make good music together. I’m excited that they’re getting married soon. Keep it.
  7. Come Away with Me (feat. Josh Kumra) – another guy not in my radar. He looks good, so even if I didn’t really like this Norah Jones song, I’m going to keep it for a while.
  8. Emotion – better than Destiny’s Child’s version. Keep it.
  9. 2 Become 1 (feat. Robbie Williams) – any Spice Girl song sung by any Spice Girl is perfect to me. Even if I don’t like Robbie Williams, I am going to Keep it.
  10. Here Comes the Sun – her son appears in the song, it’s a light lovely version. Keep it.

Surprisingly, I loved My Happy Place. I thought I would be bored because Emma’s music is like that; it’s the type you would listen to while chilling on a Sunday. Great work, Baby.

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