Head Above Water

1 – head above water – yes to a powerful first track. Dinownload ko to nung pagkarelease! (Keep)

2 – Birdie – ganda. How can i fly higher ganyan. Parang avril telling the whole world that she’s fcking back. (Keep for a while)

3 – I fell in love with the devil – omg, title pa lang love it. She’s talking about something bad na she cant give up. (Keep, definitely)

4 – tell me it’s over – medyo di ko feel yung simula… lost my focus while listening so (Delete)

5 – Dumb Blonde – finally a medyo fast track. Haha. This features Nicki Minaj and it’s another power track – Avril elevating her self and singing about self worth (Keep)

6 – It Was In Me – another song about self empowerment? Okay. The others are better though Avril is belting some high notes here (keep for a while)

7 – Souvenir – there’s a yeah yeah yeah (reminded me of I’m with you) at the beginning and in the middle. I like this one, would be perfect if I meet someone cute during my travels lol (keep)

8 – Crush – so-so. Didn’t get the song either or probably I can’t relate haha(delete)

9 – Goddess – chill song, probably just avril and the guitar. Talks about someone who treats her like a goddess. Can’t relate again (delete)

10 – Bigger Wow – POP-py vibe. Can make your head move (keep)

11 – Love Me Insane – another yeah yeah yeah track, if you know what I mean. I like this. I like the title. I like everything the words – insane, angel, demons, dangeorus game. Ah perfect. haha. (Keep)

12 – Warrior – of course, another song about her battles. She did that a lot in this album, maybe this is her Ru-demption album haha. It’s good, especially if you think about what she has been through. (keep)


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