Siargao 2019

Spent Commercialization of Love Day away from the busy streets of Manila – into the beautiful island of Siargao.

Went with these gay friends and a girl.

Also, this isn’t Siargao. I was hoping it was Boracay, but it probably isn’t. Oh well.

Upon arriving in Siargao, we were informed that one of the island’s famed attractions would be closing for a month. Fortunately for us, it was the last day before the month-long shutdown. So clad in our “airplane OOTDs (mine was a shirt and OFFICE PANTS)”, we visited Magpupungko Rock Pools first before going to our accommodation.

Magpupungko Rock Pools is famous for their crystal clear waters (a quick Google search and you will see what I’m talking about). These tidal pools are visible only during low tide and would be completely submerged during high tide. One should ask the locals about the schedule since they’re more familiar with it. The tides change quickly.

I think most of the picturesque views of Siargao (Magpupungko Pools included) are best seen from above. Lucky for you if you have a drone, but if you don’t, everything would be different. And since I do not swim, I was not able to completely appreciate the beauty of this place.

I was just fine standing in places I know I’d be safe.

Or at least I thought I would be. In this photo, you can see my feet submerged in water, but I tell you, that’s water coming in very, very fast. The current was so strong that I wanted to run away as soon as possible (but hello, photo first). The problem is, the way back to the shore was filled with slippery rocks. Ugh,. Imagine the fear and discomfort!

It was already dusk when we left the pools, and we had to travel for more than an hour via tricycle to our accommodation. It was one for the books, due to the steep roads, we were forced to walk coz the tricycle cannot carry our weight. I think we had to step out of the vehicle and walk three times, so much for making the most of our first day right?

We stayed at Payag Suites and I’m sorry I don’t have photos of the accommodation but it was a good deal. We paid 12,000+ for 4 nights (4pax). Hotels / hostels in Siargao can be quite expensive; especially those that are near the General Luna area.

Payag is a few steps away from Siargao’s iconic Boardwalk. That’s why the next day, we went there early in the morning. This is something we figured while we’re there – the place charges P50 entrance fee (possibly for maintenance); but if you go there before business hours, going inside the Boardwalk is free. Lol.

Siargao is an artist’s haven. Murals like these are scattered all over the island.

I’m not a surfer. I don’t swim. So what am I gonna do in Siargao?

Well, there’s the island hopping. There are some islands nearby where you can beach bum and get a tan; or just take photos like what we did. You can DIY or book a tour from the many tours around the island – depending on your preference and of course, your budget. We booked Payag Experience / Laagan Tours since they’re being offered by our accommodation already.

Guyam Island

Guyam island is a very small island, you can walk around it for 15 minutes. Despite its size, the place is so picturesque, you can just choose your background:

The Greens

Or facing the sea:

Or just the island:

Or the entire island!

Or the rocky side of the island


Here’s a jump shot:

Naked Island

Our second stop was Naked Island, the island where there are no naked people around. Lol. The reason why it’s called naked is that other than the people visiting and a wooden structure in the middle, there is nothing you can see there. Naked Island is smaller than Guyam, but I think this one is better for swimming or sunbathing..

Like what we did there

And this is how what happens when a hot guy passes by

Daku Island

Daku (BIG) is our last stop, and it’s also where we stayed the longest. Beach is also perfect for swimming, but the waves, oh the waves – they were really strong. So if you’re afraid of the ocean (like me), you can just take advantage of the scenery and again, take photos.


One thing we discovered about Siargao nightlife is that there’s a specific place for party each night. I guess it’s to guarantee that there would be equal opportunities for the establishments in the island. Of course, you can choose whatever place you wanna go to, but it’s better if you meet the people who are also in the island. Chances are, you would see the same faces every night and it would be so much fun (if you are eyeing someone or if you’re super friendly like me).

There are sooooo many foreign tourists in the island and soooooo many cute and hot guys that I had to teach them how to do finger hearts. Lol.

Sugba Lagoon

Day 2 of our island hopping brought us to this magical place called Sugba Lagoon. You can go kayaking (no, not me) or paddle boarding (definitely not my cup of tea) or you can jump into the waters (uh, hell no).

The downside? This place is only open for a specific period of time (morning) and everyone comes here at the same time. Expect to see kayaks and paddle boards blocking your instagram worthy photos. Unless, of course, you wander far enough to the deeper parts of the lagoon.

Since I am not interested in any activities that Sugba Lagoon offers, I just did what I know I can do best – BOY HUNTING.

Our trip became much more fun because we met these traveling doctors from Barcelona and the cute Filipino couple.

Kawhagan Island

Our next stop was Kawhagan Island, and for some reason, there are fewer tourists here than on Sugba and the other islands. We almost had the beach to ourselves.

The place is perfect.

We just enjoyed the rest of the day at the beach.

And capped it off with pizza, pasta and some wine.

The next day, we found ourselves going back to the Boardwalk. The weather was much better and the photos were brighter lol.

We were also told of a “White Beach” in another part of the island, so we hired a tricycle to take us there. I was not in the mood for getting wet, so I just stayed where there was shade and watched some K Dramas…

… well, after taking these photos.

The only sad thing about this is that, there’s NO TOILET here. So you have to come here with an empty stomach, otherwise, you will end up like me – who walked a kilometer under the unbearable heat and practically begged people to let them use their toilets. Thankfully, there’s a resort like place which had VERY NICE people who accommodated me.

A visit to Siargao wouldn’t be complete without going to White Banana Beach Club – they have the most extensive selection of drinks in the island. The owner is also a friend, whom I’ve met while I was doing my Love Mission.

Speaking of Love Mission, that’s what I did on our last day at the island. I stayed near Cloud 9 and just approached people and asked them to participate in my project (You can check them out at my instagram @abelslovemission)

Overall, Siargao was fun. I would come back for the people and the parties – but I’d go back to Boracay first. Lol.

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