Ah. How time flies. I am now stepping, no, sashaying to mid-thirties with nary a hint of fear and exhaustion. Gawd.

It’s a fun ride. Last week, I was on the verge of depression, now I’m trying to be better and with all the things that are going around me, I realized that there are a lot of lessons that are to be learned; and mistakes to be made (lol). I should stop worrying.

Having said that, I would list 10 things that I should either start doing this year, and things that I should be unapologetic about.

1. It’s Ok not to be Ok – but you cannot always expect that everyone will understand.

Life isn’t perfect, hello. Much has been said about this, but I know from experience that there are times when you open up to the wrong people. AND That’s fine. You might not get the reaction that you want, but we can’t blame them. They don’t live our lives. We don’t live theirs. Our battles are unique to us – I think, just having someone to listen to your thoughts and problems and issues would be enough. It worked for me, it MIGHT work for you; but then again, it MIGHT NOT.

2. Learn to say “No.”

Because sometimes, I’d rather spend my precious time watching something on Netflix than waste it watching people become busy with their mobile phones. I know it’s 2019, but I want decent human interaction – not me to Facebook and you to Mobile Legends.

3. You might like things that your friends don’t like, but that’s alright.

Just make sure you don’t rub it in your friends’ faces. I mean, I have this close friend who likes Jessy Mendiola; while I like Angel Locsin. AND WE GET ALONG JUST FINE. But there are people who would really want you to watch what they watch, do what they do – that’s not right. I hate Game of Thrones. I don’t smoke. I don’t want to drink every night. I don’t eat beef. Nobody wants to be controlled.

4. Who cares if you eat using your discounts??

I’m happy. Duh. Just being a wise spender.

5. Wear comfortable clothes

Believe it or not, I don’t like shopping for clothes. One, I hate overcrowded malls especially during sale season and two, I the accountant in me always asks how many of this can you buy in a cheaper store? I end up not buying anything at all. The ones that I end up buying are usually the last minute no choice but you have to get it outfits. Since I seldom buy clothes, I tend to overuse them, hence the comfort lol.

6. When you lead, people follow.

#AbelsLoveMission #AbelsGayLife 100 Movies

Ah. The beauty of a creative mind.

7. Value time. If others don’t value yours, then don’t value them.

It’s that simple. I’m almost always early. If a person makes me wait for more than 30 minutes, then he’s not worth my precious tine. I’d do other things and if he wants to be with me, he’ll make a way. If a person cancels at the last minute, he does not deserve a second chance.

8. Dance Again.

Because when would I do it? When I’m 40? haha.

9. Stop accepting Bullshit from other people.

You know what, I think I’m old enough to know when people are downright lying and making excuses. Cmon. I’m not stupid.

10. Don’t apologize for doing things that make you happy.

Sometimes I get conflicted between the ideas that “People will always have something to say, so do it anyway”  versus the “You’re old enough to be doing this.” In the end, I always go back to my mantra – Choose Happiness. This isn’t my practice life anyway, so I am going to live it well. Right?


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