December is Food Month

I was checking my camera roll for December and realized I have so many food photos, so I thought of creating this to remember the festive (and expensive) season that was.

Again, the usual disclaimer, I am NOT a Food Blogger, I JUST LOVE TO EAT.


Probably the pioneer of all things foodie, Maguinhawa St. in Quezon City is the place to be if you want to explore Hole in the wall restaurants and foodparks. They have a lot to offer – and I guarantee you won’t get hungry here. If you’re the artsy type, this place is also perfect for you.

Coming from a forum @ UP (on a Sunday night); there weren’t much options inside the campus so our group went to Maguinhawa for dinner. And since exploring the area isn’t really part of the plan, we settled for StrEAT food park.

I went for Taste 360’s Salted Egg chicken (because hello, I love Salted Egg on anything lol). Worth it? Yes. Definitely..

It’s not that expensive and it is very tasty. Downside – I should’ve requested for scrambled egg, this one tasted bland.

Overall a 3/5



Creamy Creations By Bea

My friend’s sister’s business – Creamy Creations By Bea bakes about anything delightfully good. My friend gave me these muffins and my, oh, my; they were like heaven on earth. Check them out.

They also have cakes, cupcakes, macaroons – name it, they have it. Their contact details are in the photo. ๐Ÿ™‚

Creamy creations deserves a perfect score, not just because I know the owner, but also because it is Really, Really Good.


Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro

Most of the time, I eat lunch by myself. My officemates are either 1) Busyย  or 2) They brought lunch. So, I end up exploring the nearby malls for new restaurants to try. Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro just opened last year and their colorful interior caught my eye. I haven’t been to Vietnam, but I heard their food is great and this place seems legit, I opted to try it one lonely December afternoon.

Oh no, I did not go here to try Banh Mi. I was hungry and no amount of bread could fill my craving. It has to be RICE. I had the Crunchy Tri-Colored Rice Bowl with Prawns and Vegetables. Now, I am not a fan of green peas, but this one – I ate with much gusto. My God. IT’S SUPER GOOD. I finished everything – there were a lot of prawns (yes!) and the rice, oh, the rice was amazing. I never thought I would like brown and red rice.

I also tried their Lemongrass Vietnamese Green Tea (their bestseller); but I’m not a fan. lol. Probably the reason why they’re only a 4/5 for me.


Blusesmith Coffe & Kitchen

I bought Zomato Gold. And one of the perks of being a Zomato Gold member is 1+1 on Food or Drinks. The first Zomato Gold Experience I had was with Bluesmith Kitchen. I tried their Creamy Pasta Tartufo – Black truffle (oh how I love the smell of it), butter and cream pasta served with baguette chips – it was indeed a must try. My friend had chicken; because the good thing about Zomato Gold is you can buy anything of the same or less value and you would only pay for the most expensive item. Such a good deal.

The fact that it is a Zomato Gold partner restaurant is a big plus point for me, but the pasta was really, really delicious. They also have a Happy Hour – buy 1 take 1 on drinks, and I’m telling you, that b1t1 is enough to make you sway. Their drinks are stronggggg. I’m giving them a perfect score of 5/5 today.



Wildflour Cafรฉ + Bakery

If it’s not 1+1 on food; then it’s 2+2 on drinks! That’s the good thing about Zomato Gold. A year’s membership would cost you P500, and you can already get what you paid for in just one use!! The rest would already be discounts!!!

Wildflour is a bit pricey, but I guess you are paying for the atmosphere? Oh well. They’re also a bakery, so there are a lot of breads that are on sale at night. However, I am NOT A FAN of HARD BREAD, good God, I don’t want to feel like I’m biting a piece of brick. For that, I’m giving them a 4/5.


Mendokoro Ramenba

There’s a reason why I always go back to Mendokoro, despite the long queue and the expensive ramen. They are definitely the best for most people, second best for me since Ramen Nagi’s Green King is my ultimate favorite ramen.

This time, I was able to try another item in Mendokoro’s off menu – the Ebi Tonkotsu ramen! This seafood ramen is very tasty and boy, I was afraid I’d get an upset stomach after (thank God Iย didn’t)ย because I left nothing inside that bowl. The only problem I had with this one is – there are only two pieces of shrimp!!!! lol. Kidding aside, it’s still a must try because they only serve a limited number of bowls per day!

I can forgive the two shrimps, and still give Mendokoro a perfect score of 5/5. It is still worth the long queue.

Here’s a tip –ย there are less people between 3-5pm; so if you can put your ramen craving in between that time, then head to Mendokoro and you will only have to wait 20-30 minutes, rather than going there at night and waiting for 1-2 hours.


Plantation Bar and Bistro

Now located at the second floor of ACCM Building in Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati – Plantation is still that good old drinking hub for yuppies. They usuallyย have a buy one take one promo for their Jacks and the honey flavor is a must try Hunnnyyyyy. haha.

Plantation will always beย like that old relative’s house that’s always open for you. And you can act all professional, or get wasted like shit – and it will all just be fine. A definite 4.5/5 for me.



We love Zuni. Located at Greenbelt, Makati; Zuni is one posh find with the best happy hour deal. This is why me and my girls chose this restaurant for our unplanned ย “Christmas Lunch”. They serve an executive lunch – complete with soup, a main dish and dessert. I had crรจme brulee.

Like Mendokoro, Zuni will always be a 5/5.



hah! This one was from my batchmate at Loveyourself. I didn’t know that Bhutan has an obsession with penises lol. They’re yummy (even the real ones lol); and came in different flavors.

I’d give it a 3/5. I prefer the real thing. Lol.



Maisen is my quick fix in the absence of Saboten. One could never go wrong withย huge servings of unlimited cabbage, rice and miso soup.

I feel bad that Saboten had to close to give way to that giant Uniqlo store, and they never relocated in Makati. There’s still one in BGC, but it’s quite far already. So whenever I get that unli-everything craving, Maisen is the place for me. It’s not as perfect, but it’s decent enough to get a 4/5.



The thing I remember most about Smokeyard is that you shouldn’t be deceived by the meat. Sometimes in the create your own plate section, even if you put just a little of their high quality meat, you will have to pay so much. They are, after all, trying to capture that “we can pay” artsy market of Makati.

I’m not sure if this was there before, but they already have combo meals for you to enjoy. This is perfect because the price is fixed; and you can already taste the goodness of their selections.

This is their pulled pork, which is very tasty. I paired it with the more expensive side dishes lol.

Smokeyard is a 3.5 for me.



Created by the same people who made Silantro (a popular restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig); Tacoman is their answer for those who are looking forย the perfectย combination of Filipinoย and Mexican food.

Their Tortilla soup was the bomb! It’s good for the heart!

My friend swears by the deliciousness of their nachos. I personally loved the guacamole dip.

Here’s a sample of their soft taco (lamb):

And the awesome Burrito – I think this one is called Chicken Ceasar. Half of the burrito is good enough to fill your tummy, but since it was my first time, I finished everything!!!

Overall, Tacoman is a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The downside? If you’re in a rush, don’t go here. They tend to be slow in serving food; or it could probably be because we went there at past 1pm, and the servers must already be hungry too.

I’d still go back and try the other items in their menu; but for now, I’m giving them a 4/5.


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