Been a while.

I am going through changes.

It’s amazing how a couple of months can just keep you so weirdly busy that I completely forgot how to do this.

Well, hello, I am back. I resurrected my Dayre account; I already said goodbye a few months ago, horrified that all my precious thoughts and connections would just be put to waste. Thank God that some Crazy Rich Asians came to the rescue, at least, my crazy words would still be there for everyone to see? Haha.

I still have this WordPress account and I’ll try to use both platforms for my drama and shit – just for backup purposes. Or probably because sometimes, it’s easier to use one over the other. I don’t know.

So anyway, going back to the changes, I just moved!! Well, technically, I am still in the process of moving my stuff from my previous place to this new space-sharing thing in Makati.


It’s called The Flats – I’ll be sharing the room with three other guys. Rent has significantly increased as compared to the previous one; but I would just be staying here for 6 months. Hopefully, it won’t hurt my finances that much.

The reason why I left? My bed has been infested with bed bugs.
And also, I needed a new environment, I cannot (or won’t) change jobs so this is the closest thing to a change that I can have. Plus, I have the money so why not?

Work wise, nothing much has changed – oh an officemate resigned, so everyone had additional workload. I still don’t hate my job (that’s why I’m not yet itching to leave).

This is the thing about being a province-raised working class gay guy living in the Metro; you have to hustle for everything to enjoy whatever it is that could bring you happiness. So as much as possible, I don’t really entertain the idea of jumping from one company to another.

Some people would say that it would be a good way to increase your market value, but I’m probably not after that? I just had two weeks of PAID leave and I went to Dumaguete and Siquijor (will TRY to write about it soon, but probably look out for these things here on WP); so who am I to complain right?

Also dyed my hair bright pink while on vacation, but it has faded to a rust-like blonde color now. I’m thinking of getting a different hue for the upcoming parties… hmmm.


Just recently, mental health awareness and depression have both been topics of conversations in LoveYourselfph. I remember writing about these things before, and I’m glad that Dayre has been here to help me survive.

But there are people out there who are battling these things and are not even asking for help. Sometimes, these feelings can be masked by smiles and suicidal tendencies are being hidden by laughters. The sad thing is, you really can’t tell.

There are people who are lucky to find comfort in the company of friends, who open up to their families.. But there are those who don’t. And sometimes, they just choose to end it all.

People left behind would be asking and looking for reasons, blaming themselves and asking what they could have done to stop it from happening?

My thoughts- do not blame anyone. It happened; and whatever you have done for the person – it’s probably enough. What you can do moving forward is to be strong and be kind, especially to people whose battles you are not even aware of. Spend that extra time, have a good talk, appreciate and give that hug – so you won’t regret anything.

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