Masasa 2018

I never thought that Tingloy could be this beautiful. Back in college, we used to make fun of this town because it’s the only one that is separated from Batangas province. We’d ask questions like ‘is there even electricity there?’, or ‘do people from Tingloy only wear outdated clothes (those with loud colored stripes)?’, or ‘do they even have television there?’ and all other mean thigns. Oh boy, we were SO wrong.

Tingloy is a beautiful island, filled with so many nice people. The beach, although not as breathtaking as the others in the PH, is still a delight. If you’re lucky, the water can be crystal clear. However, there are stories that when the beach is crowded, the water could be very murky; and that there are parts of the beach where waste from the nearby islands are being washed ashore…

That’s why we deemed it best to visit the place during off-peak season, which lasts from September to November (as long as there’s no typhoon). There are a lot of accommodations you can choose from – mostly transient homes / hostels. You can also pitch a tent but from what I’ve heard, they only allow people to stay at the beach until 8pm. So I guess, everyone’s required to stay somewhere other than the beachfront (I’m thinking this is to regulate the waste in the island as it really is a problem).

We stayed in a transient house that’s a 5-10 minute boat ride / 15-30 minute walk to the main beach. It’s better if you walk because you can try “living as a local”. We saw firsthand the trash being washed ashore and according to a local, these are all coming from Puerto Galera and other nearby islands. There’s so much waste – from food wrappers, to slippers, bags, a lot of baby bottles – I wish there was a drive to clean these all up.

Fortunately, these are only in one side of the beach. Walk a little further and you will see the gem that is Masasa. The stretch of fine sand, with waves of crystal clear water crashing unto it – it did not matter that it was so HOT; we immediately went to a swimming spree.

There are a number of ways to get to Masasa. You may ride a bus going to Batangas City Grand Terminal. Once there, you’ll have to take a jeepney to the town of Mabini and tell the driver you’ll get off at Talaga Port or Anilao Port – depending on which way the wind blows (yes, because they use a different port if it’s Habagat or Amihan). The thing is, you won’t really know when it happens lol, so if you’re lucky, you’ll be at the right port. From the port, you may either take a boat going straight to Masasa Beach or one that goes to Tingloy Port (cheaper). Travel time from mainland to the island took us over an hour; once we were at Tingloy Port, we rode a tricycle to the transient house.

Or you can just do what we did, hired a van and let the guys of Hashtravels help in arranging everything. Although this is not an official Hashtravels event, it’s still almost similar coz everyone – except from my group – is a regular.

After settling in, we took the boat to the beach and even if the sun was shining mightily in the almost cloudless sky, we spent the whole afternoon swimming.

We only had an hour break when we went back to the house for lunch. I’m not sure if I did not put enough sunblock, but these photos would show you how I went from this…..

To this!

There’s also a Bali-esque rice field near the beach where you can take fierce photos like this one:

And when you’re done for the day, you can also walk around to find the perfect spot for that sunset shot:

The following morning, we explored the places away from the beach front. First was right in front of the place we were staying at, where the tide was low and the view was superb…


And then we walked past the beach up to the place they called the Lagoon where amazing rock formations can be found.

We also took a quick dip because the water here was more magical in photos….


I was really enjoying… the only problem was, it was ROCKYYYYYY….

And the rocks were moving because of the wavessssss!!!

But we still managed to take pictures, after pictures after pictures. LOL

I would not also miss the chance to take my photos taken against these huge rocks (this is actually the trail that leads to the beach)

Because why the hell not? We had an amazing camera (Fujifilm XT-10)..

And I was with an amazing group of friends.. What more can I ask for, right?

Probably a better background? And a Fiercer pose? haha.

Watch Out Asia’s Next Top Model. jk.

It was a fun, fun weekend. Something that I would like to experience again – but probably in a different place. Masasa, although beautiful and very near to the Metro, is something that you can go to once and never come back to again. haha. Or probably, if you want to meet people – because there are a lot of happy campers there – maybe this could be a less crowded one than Puerto Galera (again, during off-peak); or more picturesque than Batangas’ other beach (Laiya). Should you go there? Yes, of course.

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