Pagbilao 2018

It was the last weekend of August, and Hashtravels planned a private weekend getaway somewhere in Pagbilao, Quezon Province. The place, which was a 4 to 5 hour drive from Metro Manila (depending on the traffic) is hidden inside a power plant and is called Villa Amin Polo. You can book directly via Airbnb, but I joined Hashtravel’s group because you wouldn’t really have to worry about anything when you join this travel group. Villa Amin Polo’s AirBnb Listing


One good thing about this travel group is that most of the joiners are gays, and most of them are part of the organization that I am volunteering for. Trust me, you would feel at home and you would definitely have fun. The five hour travel to the villa didn’t feel that long (although the ride was super bumpy, thanks to the driver who was speed driving the whole time).

From the villa, you would need to walk 15 to 20 minutes to the beach. This trek includes passing through 1) a very muddy path, probably caused by rising tides 2) mangroves, where you can’t really tell if your walking through shallow murky water or a deep one; there’s even a bridge that gets submerged when the tide is high, and 3) some sort of jungle where you don’t know if some fierce forest creature would just appear out of nowhere and bite the hell out of you. lol. I’m making it sound like it’s the worst place on Earth. Trust me, it’s not. Here’s a photo of the muddy path, it ends when the mangroves begin (yes, you would have to walk through that water), and the area in the end with the lush green trees is where the forest is located.

Oh, here’s a photo of us walking through the mangroves.

But is it worth all the trouble? WELL…..

It definitely is. This beach, also know as Lukang Cove and Kuwebang Lampas, is closed to the public. Only the visitors of the Villa were allowed to go here. When we arrived here, my initial thought was, this place is familiar. True enough, I’ve been here before – seven years ago. The place was booming. It used to be a part of an island hopping tour of other Quezon islands. I don’t know the reason why it was closed, but it could probably be because of too much people.

If you can see the rock formation behind me – there’s a small cave underneath it. You can go there if you want, but I remember my friend telling me that they saw a sea snake there before (could also be one of the reasons why it was closed). The first time I was here, people were also jumping from that cliff behind me.

o well… here are a few photos so I can show you how beautiful this place is

Other than the trek from the Villa to the beach, it would have been so perfect. I wounded myself from that trek.

Will I go back? I don’t know. But the place was gorgeous enough and the company was super fun. Maybe not anytime soon 🙂

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