I was asked if I had issues or concerns with some people that I work with. To be honest, if I have issues, I only talk about them to a select number of people. I don’t let them get in the way of me doing my job.

My view is – I can set aside whatever issues I have to seamlessly work with people. I don’t make my own issues the center of my professional / advocacy life. There are more things that are definitely bigger than my feelings; and I know which one to prioritise.

I’m not mad at those people who think that I have issues with them – they’re entitled to feel whatever they feel when they see me (sorry that I have a Resting bitch face).

If someone from the select few talks about what I told them in confidence, then I’ll be mad about it.

Such is life. You can really tell others what to feel about you. You can never demand people to like you, in as much as you can’t force yourself to like everyone.

But then again, we are here for a reason. There’s a purpose for everything we do, and I do this for the advocacy.

So, again, I don’t have issues that I want to discuss with any person. If I had, these are all petty. If I had to work with people who shouted at me before or who have called me names or who have stabbed me in the back before – I can work with them.

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