Thailand 2018

kLast June, my friends and I went to Thailand. All of us were coming from different countries – one from Singapore, another from Hong Kong and I’m coming from the Philippines. I was the first one to arrive so while waiting for them, I delighted myself with some Thai food. And since I am the type who does not really take note of the food I eat – I forgot almost all of the names of these delicious Thai food.


We were all supposed to be early and we were planning to spend the night scouring the streets of Bangkok for night markets near the Don Mueang airport because we have an early flight the next day. Unfortunately, all our flights were delayed so we had to go straight to the hotel and had to stay there for a while. It was the shortest stay in a hotel that we’ve ever had; it felt like we were in the Amazing Race.

The Journey Hotel is a few minutes away from the DMK Airport (if your driver knows his way well). It’s a modern minimalist design hotel; and the staff were warm and accommodating.

The Journey Hotel
Our Room at The Journey Hotel
The Journey Hotel Lobby


After two hours (we arrived at the hotel at 2am), we went back to DMK for our 6am flight to Surat Thani. Surat Thani is part of the southern provinces in Thailand and it’s where we took the ferry going to Koh Samui – one of the popular destinations in the country. There were a lot of white people heading to the island; other than the locals, I think we were the only Asians in that ferry.

En Route to Koh Samui


At Koh Samui, we stayed at Mimosa Resort and Spa – a 4 star beach boutique in the northern part of the island. They also have a bar / restaurant where they serve the best Thai food I’ve ever tasted. I wouldn’t describe it much and would just let these photos do the talking:

Mimosa resort and Spa, Koh Samui
Outdoor shower in our room at Mimosa Resort
Our Room @ Mimosa Resort
Jacuzzi @ Mimosa Resort
Part of the Outdoor Shower
Posh Rest Room
Our room’s clock
Welcome to Mimosa Resort lol
Fresh Mango Shake
Thai Milk Tea


After eating the sumptuous lunch above, we settled in our room and decided to go out later that afternoon for three things:

  1. Go to the night market
  2. Get a traditional Thai massage

Luckily, the Fisherman’s Village in Koh Samui has a night market where you can find a lot of stuff to do and a lot of food to eat. We were a bit early so we thought of checking out the area first. We saw this quaint coffee shop called Café Darling; and we went there to re-energize our almost sleepless bodies.

Cafe Darling
Cafe Darling

img_5208A few blocks from Café Darling was Cyan Spa; this is where we crossed out item number two in our checklist. We also tried the Fish Spa, where the fishes would nibble on the dead skin of your feet. I have a very ticklish feet, so I was being very scandalous the whole time this was happening. The massage was good, although I did not feel anything special or noted any difference from the regular massage that I get in the Philippines. Oh well. I must have been looking for another type of massage lol.

Cyan Spa – where we let fishes eat our feet
Massage room overlooking the sea at Cyan Spa

After the massage, the night market was already open. WE WENT ON A FOOD TRIP!!!!! Again, I will let these photos do the talking.

Night Market @ Koh Samui
Night Market @ Koh Samui
Night Market @ Koh Samui
Night Market @ Koh Samui

The next day, the morning weather wasn’t the great so we just stayed in the hotel, took photos of the beach and enjoyed their infinity pool. I don’t know if it’s because of the weather, but I felt that the beach in front of Mimosa isn’t good for swimming. As you can see from the photos below, there’s a part that’s a bit rocky. It’s also one of the reasons why we just stayed at the pool.

The beach in front of Mimosa Resort
The beach in front of Mimosa Resort
Jump Shots
Mimosa Resort and Spa’s Pool
Mimosa Resort and Spa’s Pool
Mimosa Resort and Spa’s Pool
Mimosa Resort and Spa’s Pool
Mimosa Resort and Spa’s Pool
Mimosa Resort and Spa
Mimosa Resort and Spa
Mimosa Resort and Spa
Mimosa Resort and Spa
Mimosa Resort and Spa
Girls Generation filmed a music video in this spot

When the weather improved in the afternoon, we went to the other side of the island (Chaweng) to explore more of Koh Samui. There was a mall and we ate at the food court.

More Food
More Food
More Food

After eating, we walked to Chaweng beach, hoping that this would redeem Koh Samui. And it did. There were nice beaches on the other end of the island; I think  Chaweng is where the parties are at. The island’s sole Gay resort is also located in this part. It’s just sad that I did not know about this beforehand; but we all agreed that this should be a chill vacation – no parties whatsoever. 😉

Touring Koh Samui
Touring Koh Samui
Touring Koh Samui
Touring Koh Samui
Touring Koh Samui
Beer By the beach
Pad Thai
Prawn Rolls

The next day, we said goodbye to Koh Samui and headed back to Bangkok – for my friends, it’s their last night in Thailand (I extended for another day).

On our way back to Bangkok

First order of business when we arrived in Bangkok was to look for the city’s gay district. A quick google search would tell you that it’s located in Silom Soi 4. Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my celebrity crushes there?! It was basketball superstar / underwear model and known LGBT Supporter, Arnold Van Opstal. Of course, I would not let a great opportunity go. I HAD TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH HIM.

Arnold Van Opstal

We went inside one of the bars in Silom Soi 4 – The Stranger bar, had a few drinks and watched drag queens perform. It wasn’t until my friends left that I discovered the much more NSFW version of Thailand’s Gay Scene. Under this stretch of neon lights were bars with Boy shows. A peek inside and you would see the goodies – boys in their underwear. I went inside one and was approached by (probably the pimp) floor manager. He was trying to entice me into taking one of the boys out (I didn’t). I think the rate he gave me was around THB 3,000 and this will include a room and a time with your chosen boy. I would not be a hypocrite and say that I did not want it; it’s just that I was scared that I might not have enough money for the next day. But if I were to go back to Thailand, I would definitely (100%) give it a try. HAHA. I’m not a saint, bxxches.

Thailand’s Gay Scene

This trip, despite the lack of the usual temple photos, wouldn’t be complete without some tourist-y things. I would go back to Thailand, if not next year, then probably in 2020. I have a lot of unfinished business to do there (not only the boys). I believe that there’s so much more to explore and I already miss authentic Thai food. Hah. If only money isn’t a problem. haha.

The Thai Ronald Mcdonald
Requisite photo inside the Tuktuk

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