Oddly enough, I was not surprised to receive that message from your sister. I knew it was coming, although I didn’t think that it would be this soon. I’ve only known you for three months and I don’t know if I have been a useful part of your life (I wish I was).

I listened to your stories, your dreams and failures, your wishes and agonies.

We both did our best. Probably you did more – you were very strong. There were a lot of times you told me that you want to give up, but I kept pushing you. There were times when you told me you were already tired of fighting; but I wanted you to fight – even for just one more day. And you did. You fought until the day you were able to tell all your loved ones about your condition, and your fear of being rejected was welcomed by their warm love.

I am fine knowing that you left with a happy heart. I will never see you again, but I will pray for you – along with the others. It was a life well lived. May you rest in peace, H.

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