Three Years and Three Hundred Sixty-Four Days

DISCLAIMER: This is not my story.

It was bound to happen.

I met you during the time that I wanted to find comfort in the arms of strangers. You were one of those strangers. And I am not ashamed to admit that the attraction I felt made me want more of you. We talked, and we agreed to give each other a chance.

Like all romances, we began with sweet nothings and gentle kisses. As the days went by, I would like to think that we moved from casual to a more serious one; we would go out on dates – movies, concerts, out of towns – everything. I welcomed you into my world; introducing you to the important people in my life – my family, friends, even colleagues. I felt that this could be the one.

They say that after three years, relationships would only last because both parties put an effort to make it last. I believe that we tried, only that, it wasn’t enough. So after three years and three hundred sixty-four days, we ended it. You can blame me or I can blame you, but the fact is – we had our differences and we were not able to reconcile them.

I tried my very best to give you my all – my time, my efforts, my love. I am not sure if you did the same. I have things that I wanted to ask of you – it could be as simple as introducing me to at least one of your friends – it would have validated our relationship. I wanted you to open up to me more, but you didn’t. Yes, we both have our own lives prior to us meeting each other; but if we wanted to stay together, we could have shared these with one another. You never opened your world to me. Or at least, that was how you made me feel.

We talked about the future; and you have so many plans…. for yourself. Where am I on those stories of you going to faraway places to work, or study, or travel? Nada. Zilch. I felt like you weren’t ready to bring our relationship into your dreams. Or was it because you already have me now? I do not want to assume.

Somehow, I think, you were just waiting for me to pull the plug. I’m not mad. As a matter of fact, I feel weirdly at peace. Like there’s something missing, but I know I’m still perfectly fine.

I accidentally sent you a message the other day, and you replied with a movie invite. But I refused to answer – what for? Are you going to change? We do not want to waste three more years if you’re not.

Even if you broke up with me via SMS on the eve of our fourth anniversary, I am still thankful for having you in my life.. I guess, for now, we have to move on.. I will rebuild the world that you left behind. I’m not yet sure if it’s badly broken or it could just be numb; but I know in my heart that it’s over and we’re done.


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