Food : Mendokoro Ramenba

There’s a Ramen place in Makati where you have to wait for at least thirty minutes (in good days) to two hours (in bad ones) to be seated. Mendokoro Ramenba is neatly hidden in Leviste Street, Makati City. It has been around for quite sometime now, although I only tried it a year ago (because I did not like waiting for my food). It has been ‘hyped’ recently because of a controversy involving a starlet and a kid (which I would not comment about any further because I’m not involved and I’m not interested). This only translated to more people flocking the place, and additional queuing time for those who wanted to try their famous ramen.

So what exactly happens when you visit the Mendokoro?

First, you must know that it can only sit 21 people at a time. On average, a person devours his ramen for 20 to 30 minutes. This is why there’s always a “waiting time”. When you get there, you go to the cashier to pay for your order – there are only a few options (but I heard there were some off the menu items that you can order) : Tonkotsu Ramen (Shio, Shoyu, Tantanmen, Miso); Tsukemen (Tokusei, Karai Tokusei); Maze Soba (Shoyu Maze Soba, Karai Maze Soba); and Hiyashi Ramen. You can also order Karaage, Gyoza and Tamago to accompany your ramen. After paying, you will be given a number – which will then be called once a seat becomes available. This is when the waiting begins – the best time to go to Mendokoro is a) before they open (but you have to be part of the first 21 customers, otherwise, you will have to wait) or b) late in the afternoon (like 3 to 5pm). The shortest time I’ve waited was 45 minutes (I arrived at 5pm) and the longest was two hours (I arrived 7:30 pm). But was it worth it?

I hate waiting for food. But for Mendokoro, I will wait. It’s THAT GOOD. The best ramen for me is still Ramen Nagi’s Green King, but Mendokoro has never disappointed me – ever. These photos cannot justify the goodness of their ramen; but for the sake of sharing them, I am uploading those that we’ve tried:

I always pair my ramen with Tamago.

Garlic Shoyu Ramen – this one is off the menu. You may opt to try the original Shoyu first because the garlic is a bit too strong, but if you’re the type who loves garlic, then this one’s for you.

Tokusei – I do not like having to dip the noodles to the broth (I did not order this); I don’t like putting much effort in eating lol. But it’s still good.

Miso Ramen – Ooooh, this would probably be my favorite! It was almost heaven on Earth! I would definitely come back for this.

Some of their bestsellers are the Tantanmen (I don’t like spicy) and the Super Chashu (with a super BIG pork on top of the ramen).

Mendokoro is a perfect 5/5 for me.

Note : If you do not know how to use chopsticks (like me); there’s a nearby 7 11 where you can buy disposable fork for 5 pesos. LOL.

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