Magnet of complications

The problem in being single for far longer than forever is that you jump at any opportunity to find love. And more often than not, you become subjected to complications that your dear heart is not even ready for.

Case number 1: A friend fell in love with someone whom he met (of all places) online. They’ve been chatting for more than three years, enjoying each other’s messages and petty quarrels. The catch – the guy was 100 and 1 percent taken – he was living with a partner. And my friend was the shoulder to cry on, albeit, only virtual. My friend, who probably thought this was just one of those regular chats that won’t really progress, also gave his hundred and one percent – until he fell (hard). Blinded by the idea of what could be, he enjoyed being the guy’s (again, virtual) emotional punching bag. Who are we to judge? He was happy. And so, three years into their pseudo-relationshit, my friend woke up from this nightmare and for once, forced the guy to meet him. If there’s a spark, then he’s willing to go all the way – after all, they’ve already gone so far (again, virtual). And then they met. The guy played along, probably for the sake of the three year friendship or whatever relationshit they had; only to end the day with the words: “Sorry, there’s no spark.”  So my poor friend was left there, on the verge of tears, holding on to what could have been and probably trying to save what’s left of the memories of the past three years. Eventually, he moved on (or at least that’s what I see). And he was just granted a 10 year multiple entry US Visa, plus he’s going there in two weeks (for work). He’ll be staying there for three months – ALL EXPENSES PAID. I wish all heartaches come with these perks. I told him to make the most out of it and probably fck around because, hello, chances like these are rare. He’s also Asian and that’s a hot commodity in a land of White guys (altho LA is probably a melting pot of so many cultures). Well, at least, he can definitely say that when a door closes – A LOT OF WINDOWS OPEN.

Case number 2: A friend is being pestered by her ex boyfriend (il call him X); because apparently, they were so good together – even if they both were attached, they used to play like tomorrow (or even their respective partners) will never come. This went on for quite some time and my friend felt really bad but still went on with it. Until X got somebody pregnant. And I was adamant in telling my friend to STOP because there will be a child involved and you do not want to be involved in these kinds of mess. Luckily, my friend listened. BUT X does not want to give up, sending messages every now and then, begging for one more chance or asking for a reply. Oh friend, be strong. Don’t you ever, EVER, give in. This friend of mine has been single for a few years now, but used to be one of those who was never vacant.

Case Number 3: I’ve been single for 10 years now; and when I look into the past “relationships” I’ve had, it’s like I never had a legit one. I don’t know what’s the problem. I don’t think it’s physical because I used to get what I want whenever I want it haha. I probably have some issues because I keep bumping into people who are already “taken”. Like Banker – how long has it been since I fancied this guy? Too long, if you ask me. I grew tired, eventually. But whenever the thought of him flashes through my mind, I could not help but wonder about the possibilities. Frankly, I still see myself waiting for him, even if he becomes sooooooo old and unattractive. This is the reason why I never pushed any of my current prospects; I’m afraid that they can be better than B, and probably hurt me more than B could. Sadly, I’m stuck with the same story but with different guys. I get easily attracted to the attached; but I always end up not chasing them because I don’t like ruining relationships (maybe I should, it might happen for me).

Ugh. So what do we do now? haha.

2 thoughts on “Magnet of complications

  1. SGRMSE. says:

    i heard sweet child o’mine come on the other day whilst i was standing in a restaurant. “where do we go now? oooh, where do we go?”

    so apt.

    i hope your friend in case two stays strong and fights the temptation, too. (reminds me of the story of bathsheba and king david.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. clebasemaj says:

      I told my friend that there will never be an acceptable excuse for sleeping with another person’s husband (not sure if the two are married now); especially if there will be a kid involved. Luckily, she listened.

      Liked by 1 person

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