no one can tell you how you should live your life

this thought came to me after a couple of my friends gave me unsolicited advice on what I should be doing with my life. Like okay, congratulations on living your perfect lives, but hey, I’m enjoying my time here. Do you, I’m gonna do me.

Funny how people would always have standards for everything; and they love imposing these standards to others. We’re not in fucking Utopia, this world is not perfect and we all are unique; our experiences are different from each other so please, don’t fucking tell me what to do.

Probably the reason why I’m affected is because today would be the release of our annual comp papers, and I already know it’s not as desirable as others would have expected it to be. The current company’s performance is way too poor to even give bonuses to its employees, so frankly, I’m not expecting anything. My friends have been telling me to switch companies, apply outside and maybe get a better pay. The only reason why I’m staying is because this company grants me 25 vacation leaves per year. That means 25 more days to spend with family, friends, volunteering, or just plain lying around the house watching tv series or doing nothing. Where else can I get that right now? And you know me, time is a very important factor in making my decisions. You can always make more money, but you can never make more time.

Of course, I know, it shouldn’t last. One way or another, I would be thinking about leaving – especially if money becomes a priority. Right now, it isn’t.

Also a big issue – #Blessed. Some of us have moments when we just want to put stuff on social media so our friends can see where we are, what we do, how great our lives are. I’m guilty of that. You are too. Don’t be a hypocrite and tell me that you don’t post something for people to see, that you don’t really give a fck about the “likes”. And then you hate me for being a famewhore (and nonchalantly admitting it)? haha. What’s the fucking difference? Again, do you, I’m gonna do me.


3 thoughts on “no one can tell you how you should live your life

  1. SGRMSE. says:

    /STANDING OVATION! i’m so done with people and their frankflippin’ opinions for no good reason. asking for help/advice is fine. but when people just live to flaunt their opinions, perspectives and judgements in the faces of others… seriously. sit tf down and shut up, i say.

    ignore the haters and stay fabulous, boo!!! more power to you. ❤

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  2. heyMaree says:

    when i was in the call center, i had a love and hate relationship with my watch because it told me that I spent more time walking from my station to the pantry. lol
    i used to air out my dirty laundry on my blogs, i learned my lessons. i guess, just choose the ones you’d like people to know. 🙂


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