Monday Thought Dump

Monday Sickness

If  there’s anything that a person would not want to have on a Monday, it’ll be the cough-cold combo. Monday sickness just got literal. I could’ve just called in sick, but I have a scheduled leave on Wednesday and I don’t want to not show up today, come back tomorrow and be away again the next day. I just find it weird – although I know a few people who are comfortable doing that.

Shift from Dayre to WP

it has been a month since I ‘left’ Dayre, and I haven’t really taken the time to familiarize myself with WordPress. Imagine my surprise when I synched these two accounts and every updated was posted on Twitter. Stupid me, I forgot that there was an automatic posting function that I did not turn off. Of course, that’s not really an issue but I wanted to – at least – keep these things in private. I mean, okay, the blog is public because anyone who wants to know me can read this. I don’t really think I have that much followers on Twitter anyway. If it’s the carefully curated life you wanna see – there’s Facebook and Instagram. Thoughts are reserved for this and Twitter (for the 280-character rants and musings). The good thing about WP is I can make posts using either my phone or the desktop, so I can keep myself busy if I get bored at work (that’ll be our secret).

Volunteer Work

life is pretty much the same (except for my new phone, new specs and new tat); I’m still volunteering – although sometimes, I would feel inadequate especially when I get that “why are you here” look from other people. Whenever that shit happens, I go back to the very reason why I wanted to volunteer – it’s not to please others, but to help. It keeps me grounded.


I’m really frustrated with my phone, I can’t find a working video downloader; I cannot download those that I want to watch. Ugh. My friend’s Netflix had too many downloads so I wasn’t able to use it (yes I am a Netflix freeloader). I finished Suspicious Partners last week, I have the complete third season of Mr. Robot (that I don’t really watch in one sitting because it’s just too serious) and incomplete latest seasons of PR All Stars 6 and TAR 30. Ugh.


Oddly enough, I wasn’t thinking about my lack of romantic involvement with anyone. Maybe it comes with age; or maybe I’ve been completely jaded already. But my Valentine was fun, I had Grabbaes visit and serenade me lol. I guess, for now, I’m already fine with that. Nothing serious.

But my love mission is still there 🙂


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