my Last Dayre post

So this is goodbye.

I am sad to know that the app would be closing down, but I am hoping that I would be able to download my posts as what @blog has promised.

I have created a wordpress account in order for me to be able to write whenever I get that familiar itch, but right now I am not really keen on making it as active as this space.

I love this place, this has been a home to my rants and thoughts and my volunteering experiences. But some good things really must come to an end.

In any case, I would like to thank all of the friends (yes I do consider you friends even if we just met online) I've had here.

If you guys have Instagram or Twitter, please send me a message and I will follow you (should you allow me to do so). I would like to be updated on your lives, even if it's just through photos and 280 character tweets.

I know I'm following several accounts already.

I just woke up from a 5-hour sleep (yes the sleeping problem's still there); but I'm gonna

do my best to recall everyone I've met here.

First off, my Filipino friends, I'd like to thank

@misisjoey who introduced this app to me
and my great EP seatmate @supermavic for recommending some interesting people to follow.

My girls @disneybaby @jeweleene @Ievis @heyitsyvonne -I hope to meet you in person (please, I don't bite lol)

Special shout out to those whom I've met when they were in the PH @gabbylim and @stefiee ; if and when you guys come back do let me know so we can meet again.

To my love @sgrmse you know this place wouldn't be the same without you. But I consider you a super friend outside this account already and the wish to meet you in person is still there, hopefully it can happen this year.

Oh @untraceme , motherhood will suit you well. I will wait for the Instagram post when the baby arrives, perhaps? I would also like to meet you sometime.

Dear @valerielim , who would've thought I'd be interacting with you on a personal level? You are so sweet and I hope

that when you're back in Manila, we can also meet.

@theterencelee , if it isn't obvious yet, I would've to admit that I have a small crush on you lol. Who wouldn't? You are the most fashionable doctor I've ever seen. Maybe visit this country sometime, and grace us with your presence? 😘

@fitrikhamis @whiteboardmarker @arthurseat oh the boys. I do hope to see you around, you guys provide me with interesting posts on a straight man's life haha.

@Sunorchid I'm following Kevin's IG And I know he's going to be such a great man. You are a cool mom and I love it. Please stay healthy, ok?

@wanderinggoldfish I'm proud of the fact that I found you before anyone else did (before your EP stint) and I'm in awe with your life story. Keep up the good work.

@gingerlyyours come visit the country again. I'm gonna miss all the food posts. You also stay healthy πŸ˜‰

@rtinggggg already followed you dear. So I'm gonna check on you in there.

@shanobyl oh you just came back and then how dare this app shut down? In any case, I know you are happy now. Enjoy the married life dear!!

Some other people I follow have sort of left the app way before it announced the shut down so I guess they won't be able to read this farewell.

In any case, if you guys are active on the other social media platforms, please do send me a message there and I would gladly give you a follow (there's no need to follow me coz I post crappy stuff lol).

For my random rants and musings – there's Twitter : @jamesabelc

Do note that I sometimes reply to celebrities just to troll. So it's a cray cray account lol.

For my "creative" side, there's Instagram : also @jamesabelc – I post some travel photos. Rarely do I post about food, though.

I do IG stories too lol. Shameless plugging, sorry.

For my personal project – which I hope everyone I tagged above would be able to send me a photo haha (just email it to and please do follow and tell your friends about this crazy thing I do – it's on Instagram : @abelslovemission – the goal is to share what love means for everyone.

And Facebook – because almost everyone has one – it's James Abel (profile photo is the tattoo).

There. Thank you everyone for the love.

If I don't get to retrieve all my Dayre posts, I hope that it'll just stay there and not completely disappear (wishful thinking) so everyone can just go back and remember the good old days. If not, then, as what Fallout Boy would've said:

Thnks fr th mmrs

Au Revoir Dayre!

Lots of love:

James Abel

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