First Tat.


Almost seven years ago, I told the world that I want to get inked. Of course, a lot of people voiced out their opinions – most of them not agreeing to what I was yearning to do. I’ve put that goal aside because I listened to what they said, but I believe it wasn’t really something that I did not stop wanting.

For years I’ve asked tattooed people why they did it, if it hurts and how do they care for it – and I felt a sense of power whenever they tell me their stories.

For me, they’re taking control of their bodies whilst expressing themselves. And this year, that longing came back and haunted me. So I did more research, checked the best places to get my first one done and asked more friends about their experiences.

I have it all planned. Later, at 1pm, I will be getting my first tattoo. Right now, I’m feeling scared – of course, it’s going to be a commitment, it’s going to be with me for the rest of my life. But f*ck it. You only live once.


I booked my Uber (overpriced as usual). My heart is beating fast hahaha. I’m more scared than excited now lol. I looked at my arm countless of times, this is the last time I would see it without any mark.

I’m feeling an emotional attachment to my body parts lol. I should not back out. I gotta do this.


Saw this online. I seriously am thinking of backing out haha.


I’m here and I’m fuckin scared! Hahah.


AND IT’S DONE!! Like shit it hurt but it didn’t hurt that much but it’s done.

It’s actually an ambigram, that’s my name and if you look at it on the other side, you can see LOVE.

I’m so proud of myself.

Whiplash Tattoo is located at 134 Aguirre St, BF Homes, Parañaque


So I removed the plastic wrap and from the good ol’ Internet, studied how I should care for it.

It was wrapped after the session so that no bacteria whatsoever would come into contact with tue skin. It’s highly sensitive, and it’s as if your skin took a beating after the procedure. The wrap stayed on for three hours (artist told me 2 is enough but I need to be sure it’s perfectly fine to remove it). I used water and hypoallergenic soap for the initial wash.

There are still some traces of blood, but I did not do anything about it. They would eventually come off, I am scared to touch my tat. Also according to the Net, the first two weeks would be the most critical time for the tattoo – this will determine if it heals correctly or if you fck up and acquire infections. I’m super paranoid so I’m gonna stay indoors for now until tomorrow lol.

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