Where should you eat on a first date?

This is for future reference, I am not dating anyone anytime soon.

You will be presented with two options :

1) Somewhere posh and classy, think fine dining or a super expensive restaurant that serves good wine. Okay, that maybe too much, but somewhere less crowded and the food and the place is sort of “Instagrammable”.

♥️There is a likely chance that a second date would happen
♥️Your date would think that he/she is so special to be given this treatment
♥️Good food of course.


💔Costly, and if the date goes badly and there’s no second chance, it might be a thousand pesos off your budget
💔If it sets the tone of your dating life, it’ll be hard to maintain this moving forward (i.e, the next date should be a more expensive one lol)
💔Well, you always have to be dressed appropriately. If the date happens to be on a weekday, it might not look nice if you wear office clothes haha.

2) Or go somewhere nice, not too expensive and a little bit casual.

♥️Affordable! Haha! It wouldn’t be that much of a loss if there are no more follow-up dates
♥️The standard isn’t that high! Your date might think that you’re a versatile person, able to dine anywhere.
♥️You don’t have to dress to impress (unless you want to impress your date).

💔The lower the price, the higher the demand
💔Instead of thinking that you’re versatile , your date might think you’re a cheapskate

💔You really can’t talk with much privacy coz places like these are oftentimes crowded.

What should you talk about on a first date?

Assuming you have made proper introductions beforehand (like your name, address, what you do in life have already been known to each other), what other things should you be talking about?

I’ve heard that politics, religion, and exes are a no-no. Clearly, I don’t think I’m very much experienced in this field coz I do not really know the answer.

My thoughts – maybe talk about your favorites, find a common ground? See if there are things that both of you are interested in; or listen to the other

person, find something interesting in his stories. Because if there’s nothing interesting, then it might not be a match at all?

For me, it is a red flag when a person doesn’t ask anything about you. One, he might be too self-centered and two, he might not be into you.

What are your suggestions and what are your red flags?

What should you do on your first date?

Thankfully, the official Dayre @blog has taken care of that. However, even if I could do all those activities mentioned, I would rather not embarrass myself in some of them.

My date might be shocked if I laugh out loud on a comedy show or scream like a girl in an amusement park ride; he might laugh at me for not being able to hit a bowling pin or climb that wall; I’m not a coffee
Drinker so tea would be fine.

Zoos and Museums are good places to go to; as well as parks while having ice cream – as long as it doesn’t melt in your hand and then you become a hot mess haha.

What about movies? A friend said that movie and coffee combination for a first date would be fine; another said that it’s perfect if you still have something to do after (like go back to work or see a movie with friends) so that you are not forced to stay with the date (hence, he won’t notice how clingy you are lol) and you can think

about what happened afterwards.

I have more questions.

🙈 are selfies allowed on the first date? Haha. What would you think if your date takes a selfie with you?
If I don’t like him, sure but please do not upload that, If I do, then that’ll make my heart flutter for sure lol.

🍄who pays? I’m a giver, I think I would volunteer to pay. But part of me would expect that he’d offer to split the bill. It should be split, right? For 🏳️‍🌈 us, at least. Or maybe, whoever asked the other one out. For girls, the guy should pay lol.

🐚no phones allowed? I guess.

But to show disinterest, your phone would be a lot of help,

🤼‍♂️ What kind of personal questions should you not ask? Should you ask about the other person’s family? Not that it matters, but if you run out of things to talk about – so what does your mother do? I think it’s better than asking – do you have a brother? (Indirectly implying, do you have a hotter brother?)

🍑🌶 how about sex on the first date? If the hormones
are rising and the attraction is mutual – consensual sex could happen. However, based on experience, I don’t usually get follow up dates when I give in on our first one haha.

☄️that being said, should you talk about sex on the firs date? It’s not inappropriate, at least you can let the person know what position you prefer (for us gays, because it matters). But if you want this to be a long term thing, I suggest don’t talk about sex YET.

🎍since we established that sex on the first date is a no-no (unless it’s mutual and consensual and the attraction is so intense you cannot do anything to stop
It); shall there be kissing on a first date then? Again if both parties are into it, why not? Personally, I’d like to end the date with one (or a hug) if I like the person. Otherwise, a simple handshake will do LOL.

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Lol. My friend sent me this one haha

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