If there’s one thing I miss about Korea, of course, it’ll be all the cute guys. Who am I kidding? Haha. It’s like everywhere you look, there’s someone who has super beautiful skin, impossibly well-dressed, and extremely great hair. Haha.

But aside from the guys, I also miss the food in Korea – especially the triangular rice thingies that I’ve been craving for ever since I came back.

Today, I’ll be sharing some of the food I tried during my stay there (and yes, I know this is long overdue).

Since it has been so long, I already forgot what these dishes are called. 🤦🏻‍♂️

But I remember liking this one because it’s not spicy (most of the food in Korea are) and the veggies are freshly cooked.

They also have so many side dishes (for free)!!! I particularly loved the tofu and the shredded cabbage

I think I already uploaded this photo before, but this one’s from BBQ Olive Chicken, where they shot Goblin. They did not disappoint, the chicken was soooooo good.

I believe this and the next couple of photos were from Han’s Deli. If you’re looking for affordable food, this is for you. The serving is quite huge as well, and they also provide sides.

As for the taste, well, it’s not that special.

But it’ll do. The place is frequented by students and tourists because it’s cheap and it’s not that “Korean”

They serve both Korean and Western food, but most of our orders are from the Western menu lol.

This has got to be our favorite dessert store – Better Than Waffles! While one can say that these are just your regular waffles topped with banana, nutella or what have you; they still are the best for me. Why? Coz they have a super hot server lol.

I also tried Mom’s Touch, I’m guessing this is one of the famous fastfood joints in Korea coz I saw a couple of branches in other parts of Seoul. This one was located in Insadong.

We also dined in a Japanese store where I had Udon (because it was soooooo cold)

And I added my favorite triangular rice! Haha!!

Korea is also famous for their Chicken and Beer combinations. We tried one in the outskirts of Insadong and it was really good. The owner of the small restaurant was also very kind.

My friend craved for this type of egg, so we had one too.

There’s also this place in Hongdae where they serve Chicken and Cheese. The photo above shows how it was served, we will then heat the plate so the cheese will melt. It tasted weird but well, we had to try something new every now and then, don’t we?

There are a few restaurants in Nami island, but we chose the Asian restaurant because we all had different cravings.

Nevertheless, these were also good – a bit overpriced if you ask me.

We also had Korean Barbecue, Samgyupsal, street food at Myeongdong and Namdaemun Market – but I was either freezing or super hungry to take photos.

I’ve learned a few things during our food trips in the country:

1) Most menus don’t have english translation, so you have to ask (and if they don’t speak English, then you’re out of luck). Just say “NOT SPICY”

2) Side dishes are free and UNLIMITED.

So if you ran out of luck in the main course, you can try eating the sides instead lol.

3) It’s not wrong to ask, even if the language barrier is a problem. Who knows, someone might hear you and offer help? Koreans are also friendly, just make sure to flash that winning smile.

4) Some restaurants (especially the Korean Bbq) require you to order more than one serving of their dish. Like in the chicken cheese, there’s a minimum of two orders per dish. In the Korean BBQ, one customer

is equivalent to one order. So you have to be wary about that especially if you’re in a budget.

5) There are also foreign restaurants, but hey, you’re already there so why not try the local cuisines? I have an unruly stomach, so I had to choose when and where to try the food. But given the chance, I would’ve devoured them all. Haha.

Overall, the food in Korea was a pleasant experience for me and my tummy. I would love to go back (hopefully not during winter) so I can try more.

#Dayrefatties #DayreFoodies #Yummy


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