Finally, the end of a very busy week!

For most accountants, yearend closing of books is the busiest time of the year. I’m just glad I survived. And what better way to celebrate than to eat? Haha.

I was looking for someone to have dinner with because all my other friends are either going to an exclusive party or going home, so I was left with no one. Good thing Ina, a former colleague and a regular food buddy, was free so we agreed to explore the nearby streets for a new restaurant.

And we found this! It looks expensive, well it is a bit expensive, but it’s within the budget. Good thing we tried it coz we saw Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters and her boyfriend dining at the same restaurant.

The place was located inside Salcedo park, across Jaime Velasquez park (where they have Salcedo Market during the weekends)

We were served bread

And salad – Ina and I were like, we ordered the correct food right? Because we didn’t remember ordering these. Eventually, we realized that if you order something in their main course menu, they will first serve you these. So plus points for the extra food!

The salad was great, except for the Kale (ugh so bitter).

Chicken Teriyaki Truffle – marinated with a fusion of teriyaki and truffle (weird, but it works); plus ube purée and basmati rice.

I should say this was yummy. The ube purée was so good, especially when you mix it with the truffle!

Wagyu Burger served with sweet onion marmalade, Scottish egg, relish and brioche plus potato mash (I don’t know why they can’t just call it mashed potato lol). Ina said the burger was great, the onion- not so.

Overall, I’d give the resto a 4.5/5 but only based on this visit. Next time, I would try their pastas. Haha.


#Food #DayreFatties #DayreEats #foodporn

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