Chinese New Year’s Gay Stories

For some reason, I’m feeling giddy today. I don’t know if it’s because my birthday is near or because I barely slept (again); but it’s enough to make me lose concentration today.

Who doesn’t want to have a happy year anyway? I was having an intense discussion with two gay friends and one straight girl about the problems of single people our age – thirty something individuals who are ready (financially, probably emotionally, mentally and physically) to enter into relationships but are having problems in finding the right person to start it with.

Like for us (gays), the easiest way to meet someone is through dating apps. Lucky are those who find serious date worthy

mates who look beyond the physical. Because let’s face it, dating apps are also hookup apps; and in the gay world – our libidos mostly rule over our hearts and minds (also the same reason why the number of HIV cases in the Philippines is rising at an alarming rate). Men are naturally … Horny.

Like for me, I still can get someone to hookup with me. My friend says the reason why the people I talk to on Grindr only wants sex is because of my photo (which shows my tummy and a bulge).

That’s why I can’t get people to take me seriously. But my question was – is Grindr the only place to get a partner? Aren’t there other venues?

To which straight female friend said: there’s Tinder – which is a numbers game; you have to swipe and swipe, select which ones are really for dating and send messages in the hopes of getting replies. If it pushes through, then you go to the process of getting to know each other etc etc etc. ugh. It’s a lot for me.

So she said, put yourself out there.

Isn’t that what we’re doing? We travel. I volunteer. I meet people, among us friends, I guess I’m the one who never had a problem talking to people I don’t know.

What could be the formula?

And when it happens, if it happens, how so you make t work?

The other gay guy in the group has a partner, but he says no relationship is perfect. He has never been introduced as a boyfriend, he was always just a friend. Their sex life is boring (judging by his stories, I’d say I’ve had better ones).

But he’s saying that they compromise. His current boyfriend is not the ideal guy that he thought of, but it works for both of them. And I can see in his eyes that he’s happy.

I don’t see myself as still blinded by ideals; I would readily date someone who hopefully would be presentable enough, has a decent job (wouldn’t ask me for money) and at least a college student or graduate. I said student coz kids nowadays are thinking ahead lol. I’m willing to enter in a relationship with someone

younger, like 10-12 years younger? Haha. At least, they’ll have cheaper wants haha.

Ugh. I’m rambling about these things because I’m still in the office. This is the life of an accountant. Lol.

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