Another Christmas get together / Food post

Christmas get togethers won’t be complete without having a meal with these two:

They’re currently my closest friends from my previous work; if you’ve seen my Korea trip, I was with them.

Originally, there were five of us. One had a falling out with all of us, so he was unfriended. The other one had behavioral issues that did not sit well with one of us, so we just started going out without him.

We’ve since expanded the friendships, bringing in people from each of our networks and sometimes including them in our group.

But these two are also part of my core.

We had dinner at People’s palace (in Greenbelt Mall); something that we’ve planned to do a couple of years ago. We were supposed to do it wearing our “pambahay” – comfy clothes that you only wear at home; coz this was sort of a high end restaurant and we wanted to shock people lol.

But we didn’t continue pulling off such stunt because I found out that one of my hottie housemates was working here and we needed a show of power to at least rouse some interest lol.

He may actually be the reason why we dined here, aside from the fact that we’ve been wanting to try the restaurant for so long now.

People’s palace has been around for quite some time already, they serve Thai food and are a pit pricier as compared to the other Thai restaurants in the area.

Thom Kha Gai – chicken in coconut soup

I liked it, except for the weird tasting leaves and the ginger that I mistook for a chicken.

Khao pad or egg fried rice served With chicken. Other options are crab or prawn, but since one of us is allergic to seafood, we chose the chicken.

It was heavenlyyyyy, serves 2-3 persons and we were able to finish all of it.

Prawn spring rolls with sweet chili sauce – the best. I loved it. I’m not sure if they gave six or five pieces but I can do with only three. It does not deceive you, the wrapper was not thick and the prawn was not thin haha.

Phad Thai – rice noodle stir-fry with prawn, chicken, tofu and bean sprouts. This was so worth it; I mean, I haven’t been to Thailand but this food seems authentic enough (or I don’t know )

Chicken and pork Satay with peanut sauce; another good one.

And of course for dessert, the Mango sticky rice! It doesn’t taste like your ordinary suman (Philippine version of the sticky rice loll).

People’s palace was worth the wait. It was expensive, but you definitely get what you’re paying for. The crew, the place, even the toilet – they all scream classy. I’d give this a perfect 5.


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