grade school friends

If there’s one thing about having too many friends that I could be thankful for, is that there are people who would stay in your life and be part of your core no matter how different your outlooks and beliefs are.

It isn’t always that bad; and I’m not always complaining about how I can no longer relate to them (fine. Most of the time I am). In some instances, when my mind is open to the idea of meeting up, or when my heart says things like “awwww I miss them” – I’d be okay to meet up.

Such was the case last Christmas Eve when two of my doctor friends asked me out for lunch. Let it be known that I have no idea about the medical field; and I sometimes hate going to the doctor because I feel
like they’re not really treating you well or they’re suggesting things / procedures just to get more money out of you.

Anyway, these two (hopefully) aren’t like that. I’ve met them during grade school, which was like more than 25 years ago (yes we survived longer than most Hollywood

marriages lol).

To be fair, I’ve known them way way back they even had dreams of entering the medical field. I don’t even know if they’ve thought about it back then; and we’ve stayed friends for a very long time.

We had lunch at Uncle Cheffy X Kusé @ SM city Batangas. These two restaurants each has their own space here in the Metro, but probably they have the same owner so the branch in Batangas was combined.

We had the Grilled Shrimp and Pomelo Salad

We cannot find the Pomelo, but the grilled shrimp was great.

We also tried their Seafood Platter, which also had salad (facepalm moment). I loved it, though. It had cream dory, fried shrimps, calamares, mahi mahi and tuna belly.

It was supposed to be accompanied by turmeric rice, but the waiter probably got confused when we asked if there were other options for the rice. Maybe he thought we were telling him to change it to plain rice. Nevertheless, it was fun.

And the Grilled Liempo. I particularly liked the shrimps, the leaves – not that much.

I’d give this restaurant a 3/5.


#Food #Dayrefatties #Foodie

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