Annual Celebration


Yesterday, I was talking about friends who drifted away. Today, I had the chance to reconnect with a few of my core people, the ones whom I’ve grown super close to, even if we are miles apart.

It’s always a happy time with them. We missed one of our girls, she’s back home waiting for the arrival of her brother’s second child.

We tried this foodpark in Batangas called Ciudad. Foodparks are the new craze all over the Metro and someone must’ve thought it’s also gonna be a hit here in Batangas.

Here’s the gang, normally, the family nearest to the camera (kid, dad and mum) aren’t present in our gatherings because for some reason, nobody invites them. But today, they were invited; which is just fine because it’s Christmas, we should not be bitchy lol. They left earlier and did not join us for dinner, though.

So we talked about life, work and the kids – who are NOT Annoying, which is fine because I can tolerate that.

We had the following for dinner:

A Filipino favorite – the sinful sisig.

Chicken Inasal

And pork liempo (grilled). Everything was good, and everyone enjoyed. They also serve a boodle feast but we noticed that there are a lot of rice and veggies, we’re not really fans of vegetables so we just had individual orders.

We also had taho for dessert. It’s good, a little sweet though and somewhat heavy on the coloring. But hey, it’s not bad for 30pesos.

#Food #DayreFatties #Foodporn

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