Where Have You Been To?

Why, hello there.

I took a trip to Batanes, the northernmost province in the Philippines. It was beautiful, magical… but to be honest, I only enjoyed my first two/three days in the island. My original plan was to spend 4 days, day 1 I’ll settle and rest, day 2-3 I’ll tour the island and day 4, I’ll just wait for the flight back home.

But things didn’t go as planned. Day 1 – there was already a scheduled tour, so without any sleep (and not even having to take a shower), I joined it.

Day 2, was supposed to be a rest day, but since the weather wasn’t that promising, the tour to the other island was cancelled and we pushed through with another tour (will write a detailed post about that).

Day 3, I had all day for myself but the weather was unpredictable and my tummy was starting to act up. So I just walked around not to explore but to look for places to eat at.

Day 4, I was supposed to go home but the flight was cancelled due to strong winds (which weren’t even there).

I never knew I would hate being on vacation that much. I wanted to work, like my whole body was resenting the idea that I had to endure another day in the island- oh, did I forget? There is no Internet in Batanes. Add that to the cause of my boredom.

Day 5 – finally, The plane came. But the tummy situation is BAAAAAAADD. I’ve been flushing out liquids from 1am to 6am and was worried that I might be dehydrated, so I drank two bottles of Gatorade and took anti diarrhea pills (which they say is

bad because you gotta let the toxins out of your body). I can’t risk traveling with a problematic tummy.

Now, I am on my way back to Manila, about to encounter the hellish traffic that’ll welcome me back to the world I am more connected to.

The photo above was taken at Naiyid hills, in front of Basco lighthouse.

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