KOREA (part 3)

Day 6

My 6th day in Korea wasn’t really that fruitful. It was supposed to be another free day, so in the morning, I watched the Miss Universe pageant (because some gay guys do that religiously every year); and in the afternoon, I met up with Aki, Kurch and Divine to walk around Insadong and look for things to buy for the people back home.

I brought my big black cloth with me, just in case I find a photo worthy location, I could use their help in achieving crazy ass shots like the ones you would see below.

And I was right. Just outside the subway exit, there were trees lined up and their yellow leaves still intact. This was my chance.



Yes, this was in the corner of a very busy place. Right in front of me is an office building where people in suits were coming and going.

But what the heck?

They probably won’t see me again in their lifetime anyway.

I’ll just Vogue it out lol.

If you want more of these big black cloth like shots, go to Instagram and search for #TheTelaSeries 😂

While in Insadong, I also took out the cloth and had my photo taken in the middle of the street just to make people think there’s a crazy guy on the loose lol. But the real purpose of going there was to buy stuff, and I tell you, they have very cheap bags there! For KRW 10,000 (P500), you can buy a sturdy backpack or a fashionable ladies’ bag. Of course these would pale in comparison to the luxury ones, but they are really good especially for everyday use.

We went to the Seoul City Hall after, where they usually have exhibits and this time they were showcasing some plants; I was in awe when I saw this replica of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night made out of flowers and leaves!

We walked a bit more to search for the bridge with lights (as per Aki) and luckily, we found it. We ate gimbap while watching the lights (there wasn’t anything special, or I was just feeling cold).

We went back to Hongdae for dinner, and another gay friend met us there. This time, it was J (far right) who’s staying in Korea for quite sometime. He isn’t staying illegally, but he keeps coming back and forth to 1) do business by bringing PH goodies to Korea and selling them to Pinoys who missed it 2) work for a while as an English translator and 3) go back home with Korea products and sell it to Pinoys who want them

Great idea, right? He makes a lot of money by doing that.

We ended the day with another Better than Waffle visit. Now you know the reason why we keep coming back here.

This guy is so cute and he serves the waffle to the customers. I think this is a family business because some days, I see an older guy with him, other days there’s an ajumma. If you’re confused why they’re selling waffles but the name says it’s better than waffle, it’s because a few steps from here you would find another waffle store that’s aptly named : WAFFLE STORE.

Kill the competition with some shade, huh. 😂

Kidding aside, and even if cute guy isn’t around, their product tastes great.

Day 7

On our 7th day, we booked a tour to Petit France and Nami Island for KRW40,000 (Php 2,000) which covered transportation and entrance fees for both locations. We went to Petit France first.

Petit France is a little replica of a French town with lots of things dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince.

I brought the big black cloth again

And a solo. The place’s theme was Flowers, Stars and The Little Prince

Scenes from the KDrama, My Love from the Star, were also filmed here.

They have an amphitheater and I wanted a photo on the stage

This is what you will see outside

Also this 🙂

It’s another must see destination if you’re a fan of French things. They also provide accommodations, so if you want to stay there, you can. But I won’t lolZ

And then we went to Nami Island, the island made popular by KDrama Series Endless Love : Winter Sonata.

While in the island, you can see a lot of attractions (and Instagram worthy spots). My goal was just to ride a bike and explore the place, unfortunately, it snowed a day prior to our visit. I haven’t seen anyone riding bikes, so I assumed it was not allowed.

We just delighted ourselves with the picturesque place and our endless photo sessions

To be honest, I was disappointed. The place was muddy, and since my friends just won’t stop taking photos, we weren’t able to do much. There was also a time limit in our stay since we joined a tour.

The place still delivered in giving us a great backdrop, but I would’ve wanted to experience it more. Or maybe if the weather was better – not muddy, or extremely cold.

Maybe next time, if I come back to Korea, I’d visit it on a different season – definitely not November. They say, August is a good month since it’s summer.

Or maybe sometime in Spring, after all the ice have melted.

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