KOREA (part 2)

Day 3

Since I’m not yet sleepy, I’ll continue my looooong story of our trip last November. So we experienced snow for the first time on our second day in Korea, the excitement got us up all night that we woke up very late the following day. We, unfortunately, had to cancel our MBC Dramia plans and just decided to chill for the day. We went out late because it was still terribly cold, and when we passed by the park we found this:

Snow covered paths!!! Needless to say, we stopped to take photos.

Although there was snow, the weather that morning was a bit fine – it wasn’t that cold.

And we really availed every remaining spot that had snow.

Even if we had to sit at places that we weren’t really supposed to sit at, lol.

Everything for the picture.

Well, it was worth it. We had that “snow glow”. Lol.

We went back to Hongdae after, to look for a place to eat. Remember when I told you that the girls make stops everywhere? It was still the same. God knows how frustrating it was when you wanted to tour Seoul but you can’t because they were slowing us down. Oh well. I also had diarrhea on our third day and it was bad.

We found out that most restaurants and cafes open at 11am, although, I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather.

After having late brunch, we went to Gangnam (yes that place) to search for clothes thrown in trash bins as what they did in Legends of the Blue Sea. Kidding. Aki wanted to go to the street where all high end shops were located and he wanted to take a photo in the middle of the said street. I asked random cute guys for directions, and Gangnam must really be the posh district because people here speak good English. Aside from being cute haha.

I look heavy here. Lol. Anyway, we found the place after about an hour of walking, and again – the girls were tired. But whenever they see shops, something inside them just pushes them forward and makes them go check these out.

I’m amazed at how plastic surgery is being marketed everywhere at Gangnam. It’s true that the beauty industry is big in Korea but I was surprised by how open people are to changing their looks.

Going back, after walking for more than an hour, we went to Basilur for tea

And since the girls were tired, they took a cab to the train station. While we walked. After Gangnam, we went to Namdaemun market to check out cheap finds. We realized that this place was close to that Shinsegae shop where another scene at Legends of the Blue Sea was filmed. So off we went –

Here!!! But this place was near Myeongdong and you know what our experience in this place was. So after exploring Myeongdong amidst the cold breeze, we ended up heading back to Hongdae for dinner.

Another photo in front of Shinsegae

While on our way home. I noticed that their outfits mostly comprised of these bubble jacket that extends all the way to the knee or feet (so my Fila Midget look was just fine) and it would just be either White or black.

We had dinner at Hongdae and it was the worst among the restaurants we went to. I don’t know what it’s called, but I guess that’s the risk – almost everything is written in Korean, without any translations. We were almost compelled to do sign language.

After dinner, we went home. But I had to buy something for my stomach. I asked one policeman; but he had a hard time understanding me, so he went to a colleague and soon after, everyone was around me trying to decipher what I was saying. One of them speaks and understands English, but he didn’t come forward first because when he did, the other guys were teasing him. These Koreans, they’re so cute. So I ended up explaining to everyone my situation (😤 how embarrassing)

But they were really helpful. There wasn’t any pharmacy near the Airbnb, and the 711 nearby did not have anything for the tummy. Ending : I had to push these liquefied poops out and hope that all the remaining ones will disappear the next day.

Day 4

Day 4 was a Free day (finally)! So first prder
Of business for me was to go to the place where they shot Yoon Shi Yoon’s latest Kdrama, The Best Hit. Good thing there were many blogs with guides (including which exits to take, and bus to ride), I was able to reach my destination quickly.


And since it was a free day, I went here by myself. Also, I was the only one who watched The Best Hit in our group.

I went inside and was supposed to order but I realized there weren’t much chairs inside so I just asked the lady if this was really the place where they shot the series (you know, just to have a conversation going). But then again, the language barrier was still there. So, I left and went to Insadong to check out the KRW 10,000 bags that we saw before.

I also had a very late lunch before heading back home. Since it was still early for me to call it a day, I looked for gay friendly places in Seoul. I was supposed to get a “Quality” massage – by Quality, we mean top of the line HOT MEN that could be super celebrities and models here in the PH. A gay friend who has tried their services told me that it would cost me KRW 50,000 to 100,000 depending on the services that we’d be availing. But based on my research, it wasn’t that cheap.

The range was really KRW 100,000 to KRW 200,000 (5 to 10 thousand pesos!!!). Okay, don’t judge me. I didn’t go. But the way my friend presented his experience to me, it’s as if you would get your money’s worth. I was prepared to spend 5,000 (since he said it was what he tried and it was more than a handjob); but when I inquired, the prices were FIXED. That means, if you pay the smallest amount (the only price I was willing to pay for); you would get nothing but a fcking HJ.

Okay, I know This sounds prostitution or some shit but I was there for the experience hahah. But Again, I didn’t do it. At the back of my mind, I was thinking of how many buffets I could spend that much money on; and besides, if I would use the same amount in the PH on guys, I believe I could also get quality ones. Now, now, I don’t really engage in these activities – well I’ve had a few massage with happy endings before – but tbh, it just ain’t my thing. I still can get it for free 😜

So off I went to the other gay place, or more popularly known as spas or bathhouses. There are a lot in Korea, which is surprising because I thought homosexuality is something that was still frowned upon by the locals. When I went inside, people were supposed to just wear kimonos (with nothing underneath, for easy access). They have bunk beds inside and rooms with no locks; so any actions done would be visible to anyone who wanted to watch. And boy, were they loud.

Did I do anything in there? Uh’ well, I played safely. One thing I noticed about Korean gay men was that they were a bit reserved, but in action, they were as wild as wild can be haha.

Day 5

On Day 5, we met with two more friends and went to Pocheon Art Valley, where they shot a few scenes of Legends of the Blue Sea. I forgot how much we spent here, but it took us a couple of hours via train and bus and cab to reach this place. It was so cold during the morning.

With Kurch and Divine, the two friends who joined us. They stayed at a different place, though.

Behind me was the man made lake (honey I’m not sure, but I saw tubes so I assumed it wasn’t natural, lol) where they shot Legends of the Blue Sea

There were a few photos from the K drama posted in the viewdeck.

I had crackers (I was hungry lol)

Lovin it.

Again with these two.

Smiling and smizing – yes the other guy is also gay haha.

And with the original trio; Geli and Aki

We were officemates before; Geli and I were batchmates and Aki handled the same location I was handling in the bank. Our love for great photos was the foundation of our friendship lol.

The main attraction of Pocheon for me was this lake, but there are a lot of art installations all over the place.

Since this is sort of a mountainside, there were also a lot of areas that are great for photo ops.

Even this walkway gave me a bright idea of taking a dramatic shadow shot

And the spiral stairs.

There was a little theater on the other side of the lake. Probably, if there was a better weather or on special occasions, there would be shows that would present some Korean culture thingie. The place I’m walking on is the stage.

I didn’t know what it meant, but I loved the artwork that stood out against the autumn colors.

Strutting and throwing cloths be like…

Of course, another jumpshot.

I don’t even know why we were looking up.

And finally, a Save The Last Dance moment. There were more photos at Pocheon, but I don’t want to overkill this post. I tell you, if the weather wasn’t that cold (remember: high places = colder breeze); Pocheon is a great place to go to. They also have an observatory (which was closed when we went there); plus there’s a special mailbox where you can send a postcard to anyone (even yourself) but it’ll take longer than a regular mail (I don’t know why). I wasn’t able to mail one for myself.

That’ll be my last update for the day. Tomorrow, I’ll upload the third (and hopefully the last) part of our trip.

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