Bitch Got Back

Sometimes, you just have to stop and smell the flowers.

I’ve been so busy this year, that I have forgotten how it felt like to pause, seize the moment and just savor everything that’s happening around me.

A week ago, I was in Seoul for a grand vacation that took months of planning and just 9 days of execution. It was both stressful and fun; judging by the photos we took – you’d think that we really enjoyed our time there. But I tell you this : any vacation isn’t complete without crazy drama.

I’ll save the Korea experience for another day because it’ll require effort on my part – imagine a Facebook album of more than 400 photos (already screened); how on Earth would I summarize what happened there in one sitting? I tell you this, even if we allotted some “chill days” in our itinerary, there was nothing chill about the nine days we spent there. It was PACKED.

And when I came back here, you already know the story, it was another drama filled welcome; followed by our company’s yearend

event, that I had no time preparing for because I initially did not want to attend. By the way, I had a haircut. It’s not too drastic, I just removed all the pink and blue.

So I went from this ⬆️

To this ⬇️

Told you it’s not that drastic. Haha.


Anyway… I really do not have an update (other than my haircut); and I just wanted to highlight the fact that sometimes, even if you take vacations it wouldn’t feel like vacations at all so the next time that I go on a trip I would make sure that I will just embrace everything that the place has to offer. Kinda like my El Nido trip a couple of years ago. I want that. I miss that – just connecting with everything around you and letting it tell you what to do.

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