So, today, I went way beyond my step goal (10,000 steps) because I had to rush some stuff before my trip to Seoul tomorrow (YAY! Finally)

First stop was to the bank to have my PHP exchanged to KRW; sad thing is, they only have 1mio; so my friends and I had to divide it among ourselves. We can’t survive with only KRW250k for a 9day trip right? So I also searched for money changers with good rates around Makati, but found none.

I also met a friend who sold me her T Money card; so at least I have it already. I went to the mall to have lunch and buy a lightning cable (which is still very expensive, duh apple why can’t you make a sturdy charger when your phones are top of the line!!!); and walked back home. Then, I prepared for the Headshot Clinic Photoshoot to be released on World AIDS day(December 1). But I will be sharing some behind the scenes here:

I’m not new to these things, I think I wrote about it before.

But I acted as if I don’t know anything. Lol.

How to pose or whatever. My problem is that I’m a no neck monster (as what Tyra would call it).

I just hope the photo comes out better than these phone shot BTS. Lol.

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