In what seems to be a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie, this photo shows passengers inside a train staring at the scene in front of them. But the true story of this photo is that, our very reliable MRT has just encountered another glitch – two out of three coaches went on their way from one station to the next, leaving the last coach behind. The poor passengers, possibly on their way to work, were left with no choice but to walk the tracks going to the next station.

This, among other things, is slowly becoming part of “The New Normal” in our daily lives. The thing is our cries and complaints can only do so much. It is a fcked up system that those in power try hard to hide. They blame their predecessors, and promise the people a change for the better. But until now, every giant step forward is accompanied by two steps backwards. Who do we fault for these “missteps”? They, whom we have put in their positions? Or ourselves, for not being able to discern

and see through their lies?

Or can we just stop blaming and as a nation, start to rebuild ourselves (no matter who holds the highest positions in the land)? Easy for us to say; but we know it doesn’t and might never work that way.

I pray that there will come a day when people would be fine despite having to ride these trains. For now, we make do with this because #suchisLife

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