The EPIC fail Asean Music Fest

A couple of weeks ago, this photo has been circulating the Internet – an invite for a free concert in Ayala Triangle – right smack in the middle of the Makati Central Business District (in our office building, no less). 15 performers, including the best of the best in the Philippine “rock band scene” plus artists from other ASEAN member countries who are flown in just to celebrate a night of music. Imagine the surprise of the organizer when the crowd turned out to be like this:

(The building above is our office and this was probably taken from the opposite side of Ayala triangle). It was CHAOTIC. I was supposed to leave the office at half past seven, but opted not to because I was carrying two huge bags of winter clothes and I cannot and will not be able to move past this swarm of people – mostly kids and teens who just wanted to see a Free Concert. From what I’ve read and heard, there was poor crowd control; people were raising monobloc chairs while the band was

performing, everyone wanted to get in – and move closer to the stage. They were disrespecting policemen, pushing barricades, from the inside you would feel that there was a stampede waiting to happen. I was inside the building and was able to catch the last song performed by the first band. After that performance, the host was asking the people to calm down and respect their fellow concertgoers. But they did not stop. So an organizer had to go onstage to beg people to, well, “behave” otherwise

they will cancel the show. People thought this was just a ploy to get some concertgoers out of the venue. Some children and women were being brought inside the building because they can no longer breathe; others were just there to witness the light show and were surprised by the unruly crowd. Eventually, people realized that the cancellation was serious and they left the venue. So what went wrong?

1) Wrong venue – who the fck would stage a rock concert in the middle of the CBD? Did they think

closing a main road would be enough? This spelled disaster for those who aren’t on holiday and those who take this route everyday.

2) The Hype – they hyped the event so much, that even people from far, far away went to the concert because hello, it’s free and the performers were great

3) The crowd control – as early as 5pm there were already queues to get to the venue; but as usual there were those who don’t really want to follow rules and try to squeeze themselves in front of others

And lastly, 4) THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES. Why on earth did these people behave like savages? Ok, it’s a rock concert; but hello, there’s a thin line between having a good time and just pushing others (literally and figuratively) to their limits.

It’s just sick.

The Influential Blogger

Videos and articles of an “influential” blogger and her tirades directed to a BBC reporter also circulated online. This also happened in the midst of the ASEAN summit in the Philippines. The blogger, a staunch supporter of the President, was questioning the BBC reporter as to why another blogger (who’s pro-opposition) was given a chance to be interviewed by the news organization; while she was not (you cab read the summary in the photo). She even brought the waterworks to show her frustration.

Of course, her arrogance did not sit well with majority of Filipinos (even those who are pro Duterte); and she was eventually bashed online. Her reasons as to why she did it didn’t make sense at all.

“If I could ask the same questions and raise the same points to a White guy in their own land, I have all the right to do it in my own country. I am not another meek, pushover Asian”

I was like, REALLY, she played the race and the transgender card?!

When obviously this is just about her, being butthurt and bitter. She’s just another famewhore hungry for attention. I’m sorry but that’s how I feel. She’s not even helping the nation; only fueling more division. Ugh. It’s wrong to wish someone ill, but I hope that this girl, together with her other KaDDS would just disappear (or at the very least stop).

The ASEAN lane

Beauty Queen/ Actress Maria Isabel Lopez came under fire because of this Facebook post. Why? Because during the ASEAN, there was a designated lane for the delegates, causing more difficulty in the already horrifying Metro Manila traffic situation. Lopez, being herself, removed the orange cones in the ASEAN lane and passed through the designated roads for delegates eventually escaping the godforsaken traffic.
She even posted a video (while driving) shouting:


This prompted netizens to question her and raise the matter to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and the Metro Manila Development Authority.

After receiving flak for what she did, the actress apologized and said she badly needed to go to the toilet and she just followed the cars in front of her, contradicting her Facebook post.

To be honest, among these embarrassments, Lopez is my favorite. She’s just being herself but what she did was wrong.

She’s now being summoned and she said she’s willing to face the consequences of her actions, provided that others who followed her and who were also involved in similar violations would also be penalized.

Her most recent post reeks of sarcasm, which is why I love her: haha. She’s obviously a Queen B.

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