Today, I decided to be a mixture of blue and pink and everything in between.

Step 1. Take a “Before” selfie, because it is essential to document how you look before all the shit went down.

Now, I’m ready for bleaching!!

Step 2 : Take a selfie after bleaching the hair, to check if there are uneven colors. Bleach used was L’oreal Quick Blue bleaching powder.

Step 3 : For the remaining black portions, reapply the bleach. Wait for 40mins to 1 hour.

Step 4 : Another selfie before applying the Wella T18 toner. This is to remove the brassiness (rusty color) of the hair. Leave it on for another 30 minutes.

Step 5 : Channel Nick Carter after the bleaching and toning, because you’re blonde as fck now so what the hell. Part your hair in half and decide what you can do about it. Lol.

Shall I leave it this way, or shall I put another color? As I’ve said earlier, I went with blue and pink.

Step 6 : Use your friend’s leftover hair dyes. Luckily, he has some pink and blue from his previous hair experiments.

Perfect for a Harley Quinn inspired do.

Step 7 : After leaving the color for 30minutes, rinse it and blow dry that thing. Why? So you could know how it looks like when it’s not wet. I actually did this half shebang coz I can style my hair from one side

And another. Lol.

Disclaimer : IM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. This is all DIY. Best to have supportive and experienced friends to assist you.

We ran out of pink dye so we just applied the blue in the remaining area; the result was magical. I feel like I look like a peacock or some candy haired gay boy.

But I LOVE IT!!!!! Haha. This is not allowed in the office, but whatever. I’ll be on leave after three days and will come back on December.

#DayreBeauty #Hair

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