There is really no place like home. I escaped the hustle of the city this weekend for some much needed TLC, and I was greeted by my two month old niece upon my arrival. Her mom was doing something, so she asked if I can keep watch for a couple of hours, and I gladly obliged. Before, going home after a couple of weeks working meant binge watching series / reality tv. Now, it’s more of recharging my physically and emotionally drained self. What better way to do that than to talk to this lovely angel even if both of you don’t understand what the other is saying? Hah.


And so I guess, my rage yesterday has completely died down. To be honest, I’ve been practicing self restraint ever since I transferred from the shared service to the front office. I’ve seen (and experienced) how sudden bursts of anger can burn bridges and destroy relationships. I don’t want that, neither do I want to work with someone whom I hate. In my almost ten years of professional working experience, there are three things that I try to do to deal with (for the lack of a better term) unpleasant people. These, I learned from watching numerous “inspirational” Youtube videos (thank you, dear Internet).

1. You can’t control others, what you can control is how you react to them.

Although it maybe hard, we must always take the high road. There maybe times when we would just want to slap someone in the face (with a chair), but it wouldn’t solve any of our problems. People would be people, they would do what pleases them and we cannot control it. If we try to, we would just end up being frustrated. And frustration leads to stress hahah. So, let’s react by being nice, for world peace. 😎✌🏼

2. Everyone’s fighting their own battles.

Maybe the reason why people are so annoying is because they’re trying to put on a strong face because something’s been eating them up inside? Or maybe they’re going through some terrible time that they would need some time alone? Or maybe they just don’t get enough love at home that whenever they come to work, time with friends becomes more important than time with tasks?

Okay, these sounded mean. But in any case, just like the number one, this is something that is beyond our control.

Of course, there’s a thin line between being nice and being abused, and one must know where the former ends and the latter begins. So how do we deal with this? I guess open communication is key. I’m not really a fan of confrontations, but if it has to happen to preserve a healthy relationship, then so be it.

Ah. I’ve matured. Lol.

3. Kill ’em with Kindness

If 1 and 2 don’t work, we still have to be kind. Because in doing so, we did not only save ourselves from being hated, we might also have an opportunity to turn these people into our friends. I love to say that I choose happiness every single day, and happiness would be nothing if you don’t have a peace of mind. In order to achieve that, being kind is always a good start. Again, be wary of abuses that might come your way. This is what I tell the people I counsel and I guess it also works for me:

The responsibility of protecting yourself isn’t with the other person – it is upon you. In this case, if you let others use (and abuse) you, your kindness can only do so much. Ultimately, you will reach a tipping point. And we do not like that. That’s why, again, open communication is important. Hah.

Now I feel better having let this all out, it feels like I’m giving myself an advice or something haha.

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