ThrowDrunk ThirstDAYY


And I don’t even know why I’m sharing this photo here when I’ve shared it in all my other social media accounts. Maybe I just can’t get enough of myself. Lol.

I’m not an alcoholic – i only drink occasionally (socially if that’s even a thing). I don’t know what I do when I’m drunk, but it’s probably the same as what others do – speak straight English, become too dramatic and energetic, be a little bit touchy (here’s proof)

That one moment I got drunk and had no idea about what I did / what happened after. This was during @misisjoey and @marcupal86 ‘s wedding.

I’ve had my share of crazy ass drinking spree but this one tops it all simply because I’ve lost all recollection of anything that transpired that night. The great thing about this was I was with good / great company – something you should always take into consideration if you’re planning to drink your heart out.

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