your religion and my preference

More Random Thoughts.


I believe that every person possesses the ability to love and care for another; what I could not understand is how someone who professes goodness can harbor hatred for someone.

Okay, we all aren’t perfect. If water boils at a hundred degrees Celsius, someone who has been kind cannot be nice forever – at some point, people would reach their limits.

But that’s not what I’m talking about. Let’s take, for example a religious person (no particular religion, just to be safe) preaches being kind to a fellow human being; but feels ill towards those who do not subscribe to the same beliefs.


So there. I just needed to get it out of my chest.

I am a homosexual, and I know for a fact that most organized religions do not really condone this. However, I believe that before everything else, we are human. It doesn’t make us less of a human being if we choose to love someone who is of the same gender, or of a different race, religion or political belief (altho I have biases on the last one).

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