to the friend who must not be named.

To the friend who must not be named.

Sometimes, I think of love as an elusive afterthought – the one thing we say we would not do – put on a strong facade and believe that we can play games; but in the end we realize we’ve fallen and lost.

The mind plays tricks on us. Would we always see ourselves as brave, wounded soldiers who tread on the path of brokenness? Hoping that one day, a knight in shining armor would sweep us off our feet?

Or do we enjoy the moment, even if we know it’ll be over in no time at all?

Why do we keep asking ourselves senseless questions when we know deep inside that we will never be satisfied with our answers? The heart will want what it will want. It’s a shame that we always give in.

Ah. The stupidity that is love. The weakness that is our hearts.

My friend, I saw how lonely you have become. I applaud you for moving on, for starting over. I know that everything won’t be as perfect as you wish it could or should be. But know that in my heart, I always wish you happiness. I always pray that you find strength in these troubling times. Maybe I am not there to give you a warm hug – should distance not be a problem, I wouldn’t think twice on doing that – remember that

I am giving you a warm embrace from far away. It’s not easy. It never will be.

But I am here – always a message, or even a phone call, away. For the first time, I found genuine friendship with a person I haven’t even met yet.

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