Last week, we went to Sand And Stars resort at Dinadiawan, Dipaculao, Aurora. It’s an excruciating 8 hour drive from Manila. Crazy, right?

But these pictures will explain why we endured it

Diguisit Rock Formation


We made a quick stopover in one of Aurora’s famouse beaches.

This one had beautiful rock formations

That of course deserved some photography sh*t

Good thing someone brought a drone

Which isn’t really useful…

And in case you were wondering why there were heels in the previous photo….

It’s because I felt that it’s a great accessory for these rocks hahah

With some good friends – you’ll see more of them later.

It was too hot though.

Sand and Stars


Sand And Stars is a resort that caters to people who want to “glamp” by the beach. We stayed in a tent that had 4 huge mattresses.

The group

We also brought colorful chairs!

And lights

With Aki and Riza

It’s really hard to get a photo in this swing. A lot of people are queuing for this lol.

Watch out for that hanging pink cloth

This is Pam

She loves to swing lol

And this is Divine! I love her color!

Remember that cloth?

Sorry for the Nip Slip

But we need it for the powerful jumpshots

I look like a fisherman

Everybody’s loving this

And this

I really love levitating

Haha. Let’s pause for a while

And bask at Divine’s sexiness

This one’s Darrel, a batchmate from my volunteering life

Lovin the swing!

This is Riza, Aki’s super friend who also became my friend

Same with Marvin and Divine

This is basically us, bringing friends together

Like Pam, she’s my officemate

And Darrel, he’s from Loveyourself

And me haha

Your lifeguard on duty

But we don’t know how to swim.

#Travel #DayreTravel #Philippines #Summer #Beach

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