MOVIE : mother!

Has anyone seen this movie? I have.

Never mind the negative reviews – actually, there are a lot of contrasting reviews about Darren Aronofsky’s latest offering. This made me curious, so I begged my friends to watch it with me. The last Aronofsky film I watched was Black Swan and it left me shaken. I was not prepared for that, but this time, I came with an open mind – expecting a twisted crazy fcked up tale that will leave its viewers gagging.


The film opens with a bloody Katniss Everdeen on fire. And then it tells a story of a woman living with her husband, fixing/renovating the house that they bought. One night, a stranger comes, thinking that the house was a bed and breakfast. He was welcomed by the husband and was asked to stay for the night, despite the wife not wanting a stranger inside their house.

The following day, the stranger’s wife comes to the house and also stays there.

The children of the strangers come the following day, arguing about their father’s will. They break out into a fight and one son hurts the other. They all leave the house – including the husband – to bring the son to the hospital. The wife discovers a bloody floor that leads to a secret door in the cellar. The husband comes back with the stranger in what seems to be a wake and welcomes the family and all these strangers. The wife becomes mad because these visitors are disrespecting the house.

I told you this is really weird. The strangers become very rude and the wife became mad when one of the people destroyed a piping, sending water and flooding the insides of the house. Eventually, they all leave and the husband and wife have a confrontation. They end up having sex and the wife becomes pregnant immediately after.

The husband, who’s a poet, becomes inspired by this and writes a second book. He was so successful that droves of fanatics came to the house wanting a piece of him.

This angers the wife even more and then chaos ensues. It’s like a freaking war. So the pregnant wife was hurt and tried crawling to a safe place because she was about to give birth. She goes into their room and gives birth there. Husband comes and sees what’s happening, locks the door and comforts the wife. He then, tells her if he can hold the child. The wife, now the mother, refuses. But when she fell asleep due to tiredness, she wakes up only to see her husband raising the child to his fans.

Think of that scene in Lion King. That’s how it looked like. The difference, though, is what happens after. The baby was passed on to the crowd and they erupted in wild chaos, breaking the poor child’s neck. The wife sees this and of course, was very aghast. She runs to what seems to be the center of all the madness and sees people eating the remains of the baby. She goes mad and hurts these fans, who were then triggered and ended up hurting her.

Left with no choice, she goes back to the cellar and opens whatever that thing was – it’s filled with gasoline or fuel and sets the entire place on fire. At the end of it all, we find the husband carrying the wife – he was unharmed.

Now that’s crazy. And we come up with the theory that this could’ve been Biblical. The husband was God, the baby was Jesus who came down from heaven and sacrificed his life for humanity. And then there were the first visitors – Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel.

We, then, find out that Mother was actually mother nature/earth. And that the husband was really God.

How weird could it be? Watch it and see. I give it a perfect score.


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