FOOD : La Petite Parisienne / Plato Bar

Yesterday’s weekender was a wining and dining night with three good friends. The venue? La Petite Parisienne (previously known as La Vie Parisienne, but there was a change of owners, hence the change of name).

It’s located at Salcedo Village, Makati – probably just a short ten minute from the office.

It’s a certified “Tita” (Auntie) night with them, we talked about random stuff while getting ourselves mildly drunk and indulging in Pizza and Sausages.

Prosciutto and it was lovely.

Italian Garlic and Hungarian Sausages

We had two bottles of ML Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

And one bottle of Rose wine (which was absolutely delicious). Needless to say, I was already swaying and puking after these hahaha.

Good thing there was a cute server! I give La Petite Parisienne a perfect score of 5 because of the good service, delicious food and the affordable price!


#Dayrefatties #wine #Foodie

After the wine, my friends aren’t finished yet – so we went to Plato Bar in Taft Avenue after. The place was packed! Coming from the wine night, we felt that we were sort of out of place. Actually, this is where college kids from nearby universities go to for a night out. You can just imagine how crowded it was.

And my three friends each got a pitcher of tequila sunrise (i had a bottle of water coz I can no longer handle additional liquor in my system).

See? Hahah.everyone’s having a good time.

Except that I puked on the street. Haha. Which is fine because I don’t have a hangover. Well, you don’t really get hangovers from drinking wine right?

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