fcked country

This morning, there were two typhoons ravaging the country. One was in the northernmost part and the other was barreling through mainland Luzon. There were heavy rains during the dawn that caused flooding in several parts of the Metro. Naturally, classes and work in government offices were suspended. We were waiting for the official announcement, forming text brigades and calling our supervisors hoping that we won’t have to go to work today.

All those messages and prayers fell on deaf ears as the big boss gave us this message:

except for staff living in areas heavily affected by the rain and flood, we’ll have work as usual today.

– this, after all the offices whom we are reporting to (regulators) and having transactions with (clients) announced work suspension in their respective offices. So, we were left with no choice but to show up (if we can) and DO NOTHING. It’s fine – if there is no rain that makes it hard for us to go to

the office. I’m not really affected by the flood and the rain, I had the option of not going to work but I live pretty close to the office so I sort of had no choice but to go.

They gave us cheeseburger meals to compensate for the hassle. During the afternoon, when nobody was doing anything anymore, the boss decided to let the people go home. And at about the same time, the weather was worse than what it was in the morning. So we were asking : How do we go home???

We hoped that they would at least let us use the bank car and give the employees a ride home because the rain and the flooding looked pretty much serious. It turns out that requesting for bank car use was not that easy and involved too many approvals so we opted to just go home in any way we could.

The big boss even suggested that it’s high time for employees to catch up in their filing (of documents).

I realized that this company doesn’t really give a fck about the welfare of its employees.

As if this fucked up government can’t do anything worse – they just gave a THOUSAND PESOS budget to three agencies!

A THOUSAND PESOS! That’s roughly SGD30!

For one whole year! Who in his right mind would do this? Only in the Philippines you guys.

Of course, all of these were politically motivated. They just want to give in to the caprices of our crazy President. In contrast to this budget, they allotted 900MILLION PESOS for the killing of those involved in the DRUG WAR.

Maybe they just want to purge the Philippines, and kill everyone so that the only people left would be their families.

The budget is not yet final, it will still undergo a bicameral committee hearing and both the Senate (which initially approved 678 Million CHR budget) and the House of Representatives (those dimwitted Congressmen) shall agree on the appropriate budget for these agencies.

The President’s supporters were rejoicing in this development, of course I would think that they believed that the budget was final. They were mad at the CHR because they feel that they only notice abuses by policemen.

And that the CHR does not seem to care about the actual crime victims – those who were raped, killed etc. by the drug addicts/criminals.

What these people don’t understand is that CHR is there to check on abuses done by the government (including the police); and the actual crimes are the responsibility of these Police!! I don’t understand why they can’t comprehend this!

In addition to that, CHR is not only concerned with police abuses but with other issues surrounding the government agencies

enumerated above. These are all about people’s rights and how the government should be giving it to them. If they don’t, that’s the time the CHR steps in.

Oh well, what do you expect from these imbeciles?!

God Save the Philippines.

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